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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Thanks for the Christmas present, will put it to good use!

    Grim spots the ribbon with a snowflake when he starts donning his armor and smiles. He takes it as a sign that Bahamut smiles on his path and reciprocates his faith in Him.

    "I will not fail you", he says, looking up at the sky, where somewhere in the plane of the Gods, He dwells.

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    Mal will nod briefly in response to Ignatius' message, hiding his surprise as best he can. Later, when Ignatius is alone, Mal will stand 30ft away from him and cast Minor Illusion, creating a whisper that tells the Psychic that Mal has yet seen nothing of note, and also explains his plan of creating an Illusory version of the Red Wizard demanding a status update, to try and get some info on where the Cultists are likely heading. He adds, "thats a neat trick, by the way. Let me know if you want to add anything to my plan."

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    Ignatius thinks for a moment, before giving a small nod. "They might ah.... need a nudge in case they don't fully believe the spell," Ignatius responds. "I could assist with that. Think of it as... a suggestion spell."

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    Flicking his fingers again to recast minor illusion, Mal says back, "Understood. How close do you need to be?"

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    "As close as I need to be to communicate with someone telepathically," Ignatius says with a nod. "Which means we have some distance to work with... best case scenario, we won't need my talents, but it never hurts to have a back up plan or two."

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    Vala walks around, towards, away and between wagons as the caravan moves, weaving a random path with each passing,
    making sure she always has a different angle of sight covered be that to the caravan itself or its surroundings.
    Her pacing is swift and tense, but not of one that was nervous or jittery, but of someone with purpose.
    Her eyes were scanning the area & her steps were finding the ground in well timed intervals, like she was walking to a slow march.
    As she passed by the other caravaneers, they could at some points notice she was humming, or even whistling, an old carol,
    popular at the central lands of Faerun.

    ((OOC: Carol of the Bells ))

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    As night approaches, Mal finds Illimistra and asks, "can you use your talents to get us close to the cultists without being seen?"

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    "Indeed I can," the drow purrs in reply. "There are multiple options, my friend. I can make Darkness for you, though your sight will be as limited as your enemy's. I can Silence the world around you or those you wished silenced. I can also aid you all in Passing without a Trace, allowing you to avoid being tracked for up to an hour's time; this will also increase your dexterity as well. For myself, as long as there are Shadows to Step into, I can move ever more easily and without detection. Finally, I can offer up a Minor Illusion to confuse our foes, but I admit that it will be minor, and will not fool the more perceptive of foes."

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    "Silence and darkness will hinder more than help, for what Ive got in mind, but if you can help me move softly and hide nearby, that will be perfect. Come, let us find a hiding place near the cultists." Mal says.

    As they move, he gestures with his hands, casting Minor Illusion to indicate to Ignatius that the plan is taking place soon.

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    Illimistra nods and follows, looking for a good shadowy spot, as was her wont.

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