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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Mal is torn. On the road, he suggested and argued that they should work with Jamna, but she resisted any real commitment or alliance, preferring to pursue her own interests. If she's here now, its not to help us, but because she has something to gain. But, that doesnt mean we can't use that to our benefit either, as long as we arent foolish enough to trust her fully.

    Indecisive and unable to speak freely, Mal just shrugs at the door and lets his allies make their decision. He'll weigh in on whatever decision gets made.

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    Grim shrugs. At the moment, he does not care how the job gets done as long as it gets done.

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    Vala, after a quick glance inside the room, she bends back out to face Jamna.
    "So.. this would be a goodnight. Thank you for that keen observation, and don't hesitate to knock my door if something comes up."
    Vala says with a subtle, and kind smile, and retreats in the room, closing the door behind her.
    She then, ignoring the questioning stares towards her by her team, she walks to her bed, leaves the most cumbersome of her belongings by it,
    and mustering a silent walk, she returns to the room's door, taking care not to cast her shadow under the door frame.
    With a sudden move she opens the door and checks outside.
    Although it didn't register at that moment, Jamna was conveniently out in the yard & able to spot her earlier.
    Maybe she's still out there eavesdropping.
    Assuming she is not, Vala would return & sit on her bed, sharing all that happened at the yard,in low voice, the thought process behind those actions &
    what Jamna noticed about Bog. She will also mention the fact that she been out at that time was a bit suspicious.
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    "We can only trust ourselves, at most," Illimistra murmurs. "Jamna may prove useful, but there is no one in this world that I trust to not be a member of this damned dragon cult unless they happen to be sitting in this room right now."

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    Mal kicks himself up into an upright position and says with a grin, "i'm flattered, Illimistra."

    He then continues and adds, "we can trust her to do what benefits her goals. Thats not a bad thing, since it can be predictable if we learn what she wants. But right now, its too much risk with too little reward."

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    Grim waits for a while to let Jamna go away and checks as such by placing his ear against the door to hear if he can hear anyone near the room. (passive perception 18 if it counts)

    If satisfied with his inspection, he paces around the room a little and asks, "Are we waiting till morning then to receive Bahamut's guidance, or are we breaking in tonight regardless?"
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    "My vote is always breaking in...and always at night," the drow says through the wisp of a smile.

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    Jamna is a bit shocked at being shown the door, and it shuts with her mouth open preparing to say something else.

    When Vala goes to check on Jamna, she notices the gnome loitering near the cultists' rooms, but definitely not eavesdropping on your group.
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    "As much as would like to have some.. info.. or divine providence.. or luck.. call it as you want,
    maybe it worth the risk of moving tonight."
    Vala says and adds
    "Or it is just that i missed my bolts' song.. nevertheless, if we are to make a move this evening,
    we ll have to find a way around Jamna, who is currently spending her time at the yard.
    Just for the record though.."
    Vala starts and leaves her sentence trail off, as she seems like making
    a choice in her head... "..i believe that Jamna may prove worthy & provide some insight & help.
    I don't say we go all out & share everything. Not by a long shot. But maybe perhaps allow her
    the chance of helping us. Out here, away from the city, we need all the allies we can get.
    Maybe she can just share her knowledge & thoughts about the cult & if you deem we should,
    we can have her exactly where she is, keeping an eye on the yard as we explore that locked room."

    Vala says and looks around in the room, trying to tell what each things from their expressions.

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    Mal replies, "i dont disagree, working together should benefit all of us. Though, we couldn't have this conversation if she was here with us right now."

    "If we are to make a move this evening, it should be for a better reason than missing the feeling of shooting people. There are compelling arguments for both options. Ignatius, could you find out what Bog Luck is up to? If he's in the basement tonight, we should go tomorrow. If we can get around him, tonight might be worth it."

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