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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Illimistra will have cast Invisibility on herself and will be standing watch at the entrance to the storage area. She will move to strike anyone who tries to enter the storage chamber while her friends are in there, and she will always try to do it silently and right on the head, so as to knock out someone coming (assuming that they're alone).

    She will remain silently watching there by the door until someone comes or until her companions call for her if needed.

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    Mal leads Grim down into the basement, pretending to lead him to the rat area. In doing so, he holds the doors open for the invisible party to move without suspicion. He counts on jamna to watch the surface level.

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    Vala follows closely, taking notice of the inner area, as Mal leads them to the locked door,
    as to spot hiding places if someone decides to come in, places to take cover if they need to defend their position and small items of value she could possibly... borrow.

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