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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Illimistra smiles at Vala, nods at Mal's words and murmurs softly, "Then between the two of you, we ought to be just fine. But not now. Bog is right where we need to be. Later, my friends. Later, after a rest, we shall return in the dark and finish what I started."

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    Grim murmurs back, "We should probably have the rest of us nearby in case you find more than just a room or storage area beyond that lock? Maybe a trapdoor that leads into a tunnel that they use to transport goods from here to wherever the true location of the loot is? If they do have something like that then they could bypass the animal scouts that I have put up completely. Or, if they have safeguards in place and you need assistance in matters other than the breaking and entering which you two are more than capable of handling by yourselves."

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    Default ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

    Vala follows her team (the bulk of it if they decide to spread) and wait for an opportunity to talk plans.

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    Illimistra nods at Grim's words.

    "If we can all go together undetected, I will not argue, good sir," she purrs in reply.

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