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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Default ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road


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    Sure. My girl will skip too and meditate, preparing for the evening's adventures.

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    A few hours pass. The sound of night birds and insects fill the air, along with the occasional booming of a toad... or maybe that's a giant toad... in the nearby Mere of Dead Men. The moon is high in the sky, and the clouds are sparse - it's a bright night for dark deeds.

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    "My friends," the drow practically purrs, murder dancing in her eyes, "it is time."

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    Vala was enjoying a light, dreamless sleep.
    Illimistra's call was more than enough to wake her.
    With renewed purpose & clarity of mind, she slides off her bed and places her goggles over her eyes so she can see in the dark room.
    It would be unwise to light a lamp in the middle of the night, in case someone is watching from outside.
    She fastens her armor's cords & buttons, straps her thieving kit on her belt for immediate and easy access and picks up the rest of her gear,
    making sure to fasten & secure everything as to avoid any clutter from loose objects as she moves.
    With a thought, her entire outfit into a tight, formfitting one piece of the darkest black her mind could imagine,
    and she wraps herself with her black cloak to cover the glinting, metal pieces of her weapons.
    When ready, she goes and stands by the door, making sure to not stand in the way of her allies that lack the ability to see as well in darkness.

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    Grim has been meditating, eyes closed, leaned against the wall in a corner, fully armed and armored and ready to go on a moment's notice. The one last thing that he does when Illimistra announces that it is time is to put his goggles of the night on.

    He has a stoic expression as he leaves his corner and gives a nod to the rest. He waits for Mal to join him.

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    Mal climbs up from his bed as well and looks to the others, nodding. "Illimistra, can you start your stealth magic? I dont want it to break my spell"

    Once she uses Pass Without a Trace, Mal will cast Invisibility on the three companions. He will then use Mask of Many Faces to disguise himself as the cook, and turn to Grim. "Ready?"

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    Grim gives a nod, his eyes reflecting his determination from behind the translucent goggles of the night.

    "May Bahamut watch over us all", he says simply before waiting for Mal to take the lead.

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    Using two of her Ki points, Illimistra casts Pass without a Trace on her companions and herself.

    "We have one hour. Let us use it wisely."

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