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Thread: ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

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    Default ToD Episode 6: High Road, Low Road

    "Hmm.. didn't know there was a curfew." Vala replies "I just thought I could have a tea to help me sleep.. or maybe something a bit stronger" Vala replies casually.
    "Anyhow.. if I'm not supposed to be here, then I'd better return to my room" Vala says , and assuming Bog doesn't stop her, she turns and heads for her room.
    "Good night"

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    Grim presents some options to the rest of the team in the meantime, "We can either risk it and break in tonight, try to find what we can, or, I can prepare a few spells tomorrow morning and pray to Bahamut for guidance. We might be able to get some indication of the right path to follow."

    (With 4th level spells, Grim can cast: Augury, Divination, and Clairvoyance (if we get the material component here: a high-quality glass mirror))

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    "I vote we go tonight and kill any who oppose us...but that may just be me," Illimistra offers calmly.

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    "There's not usually duelin' and accusations of murder here, either," Bog Luck growls. "But there is tonight." He watches you from where he stands until you are back in your room.

    Jamna follows you back, too. "So obviously somethin's up. Did you see the half-orc's scabbard? It's got dragons all over it. He's gotta be in with the cultists. There's gotta be something in that locked store room he doesn't want us to see."
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    "Generally speaking, i prefer the cautious approach. There are a lot of people here who want to see us dead, and others who wont give a damn to stop them if we get caught murdering people." Mal says, eyes closed as he continues lounging on the bed. "On the other hand, if we wait too long, whatever is in there may not be there tomorrow. Assuming its something worth finding, that is."

    He pauses a few moments and adds. "I assume your plan already has Vala's support, Illi. So thats two for the... direct....approach. Grim, Ignatius, what do you prefer?"

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    "Extra insight before we do anything rash is highly favored," Ignatius says with a nod. "Grim can consult his god. Meanwhile... I might have a specific talent to spy on Bog Luck, or take a peek into the area we could not reach before. Whether or not I would have time to do both would be another story... and if we must confront people tonight, I would not like to expend so much energy on reconnaissance."

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    "Maybe you could just scout the area if possible and see if there is any trap or any information that might help us with our true goal. Finding where the hoard is being taken and bringing the full might and fury of the Order upon them", Grim adds on to Ignatius' analysis of the situation.

    "I can seek Bahamut's counsel, but like I said, I cannot do that until tomorrow morning. If we go in today, your talent might be the only tool at our disposal for the moment."

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    Vala opens the door to her room as Jamna stands behind her, physically blocking her entrance & sight.
    "So.. Jamna.." she says as she leans through the half open door and take a fast glance in the room.
    She pronounces "Jamna" clearly, almost like a courtier who is presenting a guest and raises a questioning eyebrow,
    as she scans the faces of her team one by one, looking for a nod of confirmation or denial.

    If she gets more "No"..

    If she gets more "Yes" (or equal Yes & No, since her vote is Yes)...

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    Ignatius doesn't look too enthusiastic about Vala's little ruse. He shakes his head no.

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    (OOC: I'm embarrassed to say that I don't entirely understand what the ruse is supposed to be. My girl is staying neutral for now because of that.)

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