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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

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    You don't know. Her coal could have been magical. Or maybe she needed it as an anti-poison reagent. Or maybe her tinderbox was running low on fire-starting material. Or maybe she likes roasting marshmallows one at a time by herself. Or maybe she's what Vala could end up as, depending on the choices she makes.
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    Vala will rule her land, which will be half the forgotten realms.
    She ll allow her other special half to rule the rest.
    So.. unless Jamna is a queen or a goddess of some sorts,
    Vala leads her fate in a different bearing.

    And about that coal, i guess that she was too "naughty" for anything else..
    nevertheless, i feel sorry for her

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    Let's all agree on one thing, though: whatever Jamna is or isn't, she's a sign of a helluva good writer and GM in Rel. The very idea that any of us - real, breathing people playing a game of pretend - actually care enough to empathize with and feel bad for an NPC is a sign of a truly memorable tale. Nicely done, boss-man.

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    Rel's a great DM, hands-down, after all he is The Magnificent DMicorn!

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    Of course he is. haha

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    So, out of character, i think it would be good to have a plan that includes everyone. I figured id list what i remembered as possible options IC so we could pick and choose puzzle pieces to figure out a strategy. The main thing for me to remember is that Detect Magic and Invisibility are both concentration, so i cant overlap those. But everything else can pair.

    Do you guys have any preference for how you'd like to do this?

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    As long as we can pick the lock and quietly kill anyone guarding it, Illimistra's happy. Remember she has Shadowstep and Pass Without a Trace as options, along with Darkness, Silence and Minor Illusion, if those would be at all helpful as well.

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    Unfortunately, Grim doesn't have a great spell loadout currently but he has Hold Person and Banishment which can be useful in getting rid of a single guard quickly and possibly silently.

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    So, lets say i cast Invisibility on Illimistra, Ignatius, and Vala. Illimistra uses Pass Without Trace and the 3 of you sneak in. Vala can pick the lock without disruption.

    Mal disguises himself as either Bog Luck or the chef, and goes down with Grim to "investigate the rat problem". This makes sense since Grim is a nature cleric, so there's a reason for him to help.

    From there I guess we wing it?

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    Who communicated telepathically with Vala back then?
    Can you "initiate" that without seeing your target? What is the range?
    Do we have another means of "walkie talkie" communication?

    We don't need to all go to the room together.
    We keep one out, somewhere where he can overview the yard & the storage door.
    Another one, at the opposite side of the establishment.
    The lookout, if he spots trouble coming our way (the storage), "talks" to the other one,
    who starts a fire as a distraction. That will give us the time to wrap up & mingle with the rest of the
    people trying to contain the fire.

    What do you expect us to find there by the way?
    A locked room with treasure/evidence etc?
    Maybe a secret tunnel they smuggle goods?
    Cause in case of a tunnel or something similar, wouldn't there be a guard on the inside?
    And it doesn't have to be a formidable enemy.. just a single kobold with a whistle or a bell will do.
    Hmm.. kobolds.. note to self.. we are after a DRAGON cult.. expect to encounter enough of those near the "lair".

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