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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

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    Happy new years everyone!

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    Default ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

    Just to be clear, I’m waiting for you all to implement whatever plan you were working up. If you need me to move the story along or something, I can do that.

    Come join us on Discord!

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    The plan we have involves the casters of the group.
    Vala would provide a watchful eye during its progress and intervene if things go south.
    Be that by misdirecting people away from the hidden casters or by resolving a combat scenario fast & quietly.

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    I can't say I'm totally keeping up here, as sick kids have taken all my energy recently, but Illimistra will of course join the group and aid in the plan however she can. I'm assuming she, like Vala, will protect the casters and fight in the melee if things go badly.

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    Im counting on Illimistra to use pass without trace to help get her Mal and Ignatius close enough that I can hear the cultist's conversation with my illusion. I can cast it 120ft away but i need to be able to hear what they say to make the illusion respond.

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    She will absolutely do that then, Sev.

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    THANK YOU hahaha that roll was abysmal!

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStealth Check - (2d20w1+5+10) (13, 12) [27]

    Jeez, when the guy in half plate can sneak around better than you... XD
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    I wonder if Grim can/should tag along... he doesn't have disadvantage on stealth but only has a +1 mod and maybe a +1d4.

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    Dang Don! Ignatius is a sneaky boi.

    Sky, come along! With PWT your min is 12 and average is ~25. Youll be fine plus, the more the merrier.

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