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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Severalis View Post
    So, i (and mal) have a plan for some mischeif. I want to use Major Image to make an illusion of the red wizard and Rezmir appearing to the cultists, having the wizard tell them this is an astral projection and wont last for long. He'll ask for a status update, hopefully getting the cultists to spill some info.

    I need to get close enough to hear the conversation, so i'm thinking Illimistra and Mal could hide in the woods or behind a wagon somewhere nearby at night while she casts Pass Without Trace.

    Mal's gonna approach her a little later, once christmas is past and gifts are done. Anyone have anything they might want to contribute/join in with
    The cutlists or at least 1 of them, would probably have heard or know what astral projection does, even if heard that in passing.
    So maybe it is better to have only 1 of the 2 appear. Probably the Red Wizard, as they already know he is a wizard.
    Also, if Rezmir appears, they know him well enough to tell that something is wrong. The wizard is a new addition, not to mention that just because
    of his culture, he would have been a distant figure anyway.
    He was tasked by Rezmir to get a progress report, including the status of the cargo, a confirmation that they know what they are to do and where they are going,
    as well as what they are planning to do with/about "the pests" (that's us).
    As to how we can overhear them..
    If we do it at night, there will be plenty of shadows for Illimistra to jump and hide in one near them.
    You can place the image where you like, so maybe he is standing infront of a huge stone or the like, & Illimistra hides behind it...

    How that sounds?

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    Sounds reasonable to me! I just need to be close enough to hear so i can control the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonJentleman View Post
    He puts his newfound telepathic abilities to good use, covering multiple people at once if needed.

    (Psychic Focus- Telepathic Contact: You gain the ability to use your Telepathy class feature with up to six creatures at once.)
    Please put the link of you character sheet in your signature.
    I have no idea what your abilities do, and there is a chance,
    if the ability allows, that Vala would block such intrusion in her mind.

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    Hey guys, heads up: I am traveling for my honeymoon currently till the evening of the 2nd of Jan. Posts will be sparse. Please use Grim as your healbot/muscle as required if the need arises and presume that he goes with the group's decision for major plot points if he is the blocking factor.

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    Don't worry about us!
    Enjoy your honeymoon

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    Superbusy time for me here too, but I'll be back to normal next week.

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    "Telepathy: At 2nd level, your mind awakens to the ability to communicate via telepathy. You can telepathically speak to any creature you can see within 120 feet of you in this manner. You don’t need to share a language with the creature for it to understand your telepathic messages, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language or be telepathic itself."

    There's the feature, no save. Completely harmless, and it's somewhat insulting that you would think I would do something to actively harm your character. I will post my character sheet in the appropriate area.

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    It's not me that has reservations about your actions.
    And the objection wasn't about Ign harming Vala in any physical or mental way.
    It just so happens that Vala has things in her head not wishing to share.
    Since this is a one way conversation, Vala sees no problem with Ign utilizing his methods,
    which although strange to her, she agrees that will prove to be very useful.

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    Sick kids with pink eye. Bleh. Will post again Wednesday or Thursday I hope. Sorry everyone!

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    Happy new years friends!

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