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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

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    If it's locked and we go on the other side by picking the lock instead of alerting whoever's inside, we may have a shot at getting the drop on them.

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    To recap..

    Vala, Mal, Grim are certainly inside.
    Illimistra is outside, guarding the door. (something that is not known in character, unless she spoke of her intentions, as she was/is invisible)
    We are not sure where Ignatius is.

    We are about to open the previously locked door and face 2+ draconic speaking creatures that so far do not know we are there.
    Vala proposes to kill them on sight, as to avoid giving them the opportunity to raise an alarm.
    Grim proposes to keep one of them alive for info.


    We wait for Ignatius to post his whereabouts & intentions, and maybe some subtle metagaming so Illimistra join us.
    maybe we didn't close the door entirely and she could see we are about to engage and joins?
    Or maybe she prefers to keep guard while we deal with this.

    Maybe Ignatius or Mal can cast something to Grim to enable him to listen better at their conversation (since he speaks their language),
    before we kill them?

    Or just kill and then search..

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    I'll be on vacation in Florida from the 30th-14th I think, so my posting will drop considerably. I think I'll have internet, but I can't promise I'll use it much. Please consider that two week stretch a minor hiatus for me that will end as soon as I'm back in Maine.

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    everyone ready?
    We open the door?

    We go for the kill?

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    Go, go, go!

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    Kill kill kill!

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    Default ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

    Sorry for the delay. For those of you not on Discord, I’ve been on an anniversary trip with my wife and almost completely afk and off-phone. Now I’m just on the usual summer trip to see family and will have a little more time, but will still be moving slowly until the 11th or so.

    Come join us on Discord!

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    No worries. I just got to Florida and will be on and off from now until the 15th anyway. Enjoy Rel!

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    I'm flying back to Maine from Florida today and will be off on another little adventure this weekend. Posting will be very spotty until Monday! Thanks for bearing with me. I'll be back to normal posting after that.

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    For reference, i wasnt expecting Mal to stop and start sorting through the boxes. More just looking for anything of note that may identify who these are for and what they are while Illimistra scouted ahead.

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