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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 6

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    If all of us leave, even the last caravaneer would suspect something.
    Our sneaky members for this situation, wouldn't be that far away.
    We would know their exact location, even if we can't directly see them.
    And if we see a disturbance in the force among the cult, which i assume it would be easy to spot,
    even if several feet away, we could just charge and flank them.
    And even if someone argues that we wouldn't be able to spot a disturbance,
    i think that Mal or Ignatius got a cloak that amplifies his voice.
    A prearranged signal is all we need.

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    Forum-wise, i hate weekends.
    It is the only 2 days that i can relax, and post at will.
    But everyone else doesn't.
    Ok.. family first. I understand that.
    But that doesn't change the fact that i keep checking the forum and nothing has happened.

    Just thinking out loud..

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    And yet that's exactly why I like weekends. I can live with and work with the most-days posting expectation of PbP when it means five days a week. When it means seven, though, I find it unwieldy and unrealistic for my life. That way, I figure when I do post on weekends, it's like a bonus instead of an expectation.

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    Sorry about that! I kept intending to post then forgetting to actually hit submit =/. I kept it brief so we can just jump into stuff hopefully

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rellott View Post
    You are able to see the cultist. If you are asking if you could fire a quiver’s worth of bolts without being detected, it’s unlikely.
    If you’re asking if you could get a quiver out undetected, yes. If you mean dump it on the ground to create a distraction, you’d need to roll stealth.
    The idea was to hide behind or in a wagon, and take advantage of the night, most people sleeping or even getting ready to sleep,
    to fire a full barrage at the cultist. Sound (from Vala firing) shouldn't be a problem.. I just count on the cultist dying in one round so he cant call for help.
    But that is only if Vala can't physically just walk up to him or call him, to draw his attention away.
    I see that the team is going to retreat by using invisibility;
    If that's the case, and they have the time to do it, then Vala intervening is unnecessary.

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    Time for some snooping around?
    Maybe the most stealthiest of our team search their wagons/crates etc,
    while one of our caster use an illusion of the later, to cover for his/her absence,
    while we head for dinner.

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    Illimistra's gotta be stealthiest, right? She'll do it.

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    Does illimistra want the invis before dinner? Or after?

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    Thoughts, group?

    How long does it last?

    Seems like before is best, off the top of my head, so she can sneak in while others eat.

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    I think before is fine. It lasts an hour. I can cast it on up to 3 people if anyone else wants, but i dont think thats necessary.

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