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    Thanks. Closing arguments in the morning. I’ve worked 76 hours in 4 days. 14 total hours of sleep during that time.
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    So would Evelyn and linfir’s horses be with theirs? Trying to determine if my character would go retrieve their horses as well.

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    Best of luck hideous!
    Linfir and Evelyn traveled by foot. They do not have horses at the moment. However, there are spare horses left over from when Silas and Van died, unless they were left at Last Hearth.
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    Tarian would have brought the spares. They might be needed for cargo or replacements mounts.

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    So is the plan to head back across the bridge over the portcullis, out into the courtyard, and through the west gate down around to the horses and ride to the nearby Godswood?

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    Well the stables must have a lower "ground" door on the side that Wyllem is standing on.... why not just walk down stairs and out that door and on to the horses?
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