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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    The door is not locked, nor trapped. You can hear voices within engaged in a game of "knucklebones". There is a rattling sound, followed by shouts and groans, as well as a sudden gabble of voices placing bets.

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    Jormud puts down the chest and draws his crossbow.

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    Grayson nods, sword at the ready. He would follow Dom in as soon as his ally opened the door.

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    I’ll need a stealth roll for how quietly you open the door

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    As you push the door open, there is an audible squeal from the rusty hinge the door hangs upon. Clearly it needs some WD40. There are four tough, and drunk, looking Dwarves gathered at a table. As for the room itself, there are several worn tables and chairs scattered throughout the room. Wooden benches are drawn against walls decorated with draperies of indigo and gold. and several kegs are tapped. The 4 dwarves wear indigo colored cloaks and a stack of coins and trinkets are heaped upon the table they are gathered at. They take notice of you. One particular dwarf squints as he looks at you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarf 1
    Aye! You aint be the drink wenches! I see no casks of ale in ye arms.
    The dwarf stumbles around a bit as he draws a short sword. The others do as well, but it is pretty embarrassing at how they struggle in drawing their weapons.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinit - (1d20+2) [18]

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (1d20+3) (6) [9]

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (1d20-1) [13]

    Grayson wasn't drunk...but he wasn't exactly quick on the draw either.


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