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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Jormud cleans off his sword and sheathes it. He puts away his crossbow and then comes over to help Dom.

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    Baros slowly awakens.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    What what!? Who be.... It is you!
    Baros stands on his feet and surveys the room.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    I see you lot made fine work of these three. I thank thee for the aide. That blasted Black Spider or whatever had me locked up for my map. My Map!
    Baros begins patting his chest and around his torso. He then begins kicking the corpse of Crux.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    Where is my map you filthy Bugbear!

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    "Let us search the chamber and we shall see if it can be located," Grayson says before bowing to Baros. "My name is Grayson Selmy, Mr. Baros. A pleasure to meet you at last. Dom here has told us all about you."

    The old knight then searches every nook and cranny, every drawer of every desk in the room for that map.

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    Jormud asks, "Any idea why your map was of such importance to them?"

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    The Dwarf pauses his kicking to answer Jormud.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    It be the map to the Wave Echo Cave. Where Pandera is! This filthy bugbear likely thought he could craft mythical weapons there himself.
    Baros kicks the bugbear a few times before searching some more.

    Grayson will spot that the bed pad looks a bit disorganized and will spot a leather satchel. He pulls it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    Aye you found it!
    Baros grabs the satchel and pulls out the map.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baros
    Now we can locate the mine! I thank you but i have one more request. Will you escort me back to Adwasa?

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    "Only that? Of course, good dwarf," Grayson says formally. "I had thought you would ask we accompany you to the map's destination, so to simply escort you back to Adwasa is well within our purview."

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    Jormud says, "Let's be on our way then. Quick, before they realize how quick a path they lead to their captive."

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    The party will vacate the castle in the way that they came through. As they exit and begin taking the path back to Adwasa, a warband appears in the distance and gets closer. 10 hobgoblins approach, each with a bloody sack. The hobgoblins are flanked with 6 wolves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Targor
    well, looks like we have intruders. I think King Crux may be pleased if we add their heads to our bounty!
    The hobgoblin, who is clearly the leader of the pack says this as they arrive at the castle and cut off your path to exit quietly.


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