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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Jormud points to the arrow slits above and then to the door as he puts his back to the wall.

    "Care to see if you can unlock this one?"

    To be clear, are we on the landing or still out from the stairs a bit?

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    You’ve moved up to the landing. Dom can hear the sound of goblins and pots and pans. Nothing more.

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    “Kitchen,” hisses Dom, his hands visibly tightening their grips on his now drawn rapiers. He gives his allies a second to ready themselves before he tries the door.

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    "Lead on," Grayson says, nodding, his weapon readied.

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    Jormud keeps his crossbow trained on the door and let's Grayson move in front of him.

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    Dom will try the door but discovers it is locked.

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    Grayson will Aid Dom, if he can. Perhaps he can hold up his glowing sword to help the man see better as he works.

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    Dom is unable to get it open on this attempt.


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