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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Grayson points left.

    He then nods, ready for Dom to throw open the door and charge in so he could do the same.

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    Jormud nods to the gentlemen and takes aim at the door.

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    Go ahead and give me initiatives as well for the door opening. and stealth checks

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (1d20+4) (10) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStealth - (1d20+4) (19) [23]

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    Lets see if Grayson ruins the stealthy approach of his comrades!

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    If they're trying to be stealthy, the knight won't even move. He'll let them do their thing then he'll charge in. He'll have a weapon readied for a charge once the strikes come.

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollenemy init - (1d20+2) [3]

    As the door slowly opens, you can see a hunched bug bear and a large wolf communicating with a female drow at the far end of the room. Near the doorway you can see an unconscious dwarf. He is out of reach to secretly grab him and drag him out, you would have to enter to grab him.

    Party also has lead on any combat they initiate here, so if you attack you get first strike.
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