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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Jormud keeps his bow pointed at the water until Grayson reaches the stairs, then starts moving after him (if nothing happens).

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    You are entering this corridor on the west side, facing east. to your right (south) there is a dead end. A door ahead of you (east), and a path to the left that you can make out stairs at the end of the hall leading up (north).

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    Dom is unable to discern any specific sounds. he faintly hears something, but is unable to make it out. He does not locate any traps and/or locks on this door.

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    Grayson is right behind him.

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    Dom attempts to silently open the door, but find that the door is not budging at all. If you wish to open the door, I'll need a strength check.

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    (OOC: If you want Athletics, Sleep, it's +5 for my guy, but if you want straight Strength check, it's a +3. Here goes.)

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollHelp Dom Open Door - (1d20+3) [4]

    *narrator voice*

    Grayson doesn't help. all.
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    Grayson impedes Dom, more than help, and inadvertently hurts his arm in trying to shoulder into the door to force it open.

    Critical fail roll has caused Grayson to take some damage.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d3) [2]

    2 points of damage. your arm and shoulder are in a surprising amount of pain after ramming into the very sturdy door.
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