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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Grayson nods, turns and follows behind Dom heading north, but not before he checks the dead-end carefully to make sure no secrets are missed.

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    There is nothing of note for Grayson at the dead end. As you start heading north, after about 40 ft, there will be a path to the left. 10 ft ahead of that is a path to the right. Another 20 ft a path to the left again, then no other path but forward north. As you are traveling north, are you going to investigate any of the paths I mentioned, or continue north?

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    Dom will stop at each fork and check for tracks or any other notable signs of passing (as well as traps). He is pretty much in scout mode which is like half-speed, stealth, and actively searching every round. Let me know if and when you need me to roll. It just becomes cumbersome to roll stealth and perception in every post. Here is the next set for where we are headed...

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    No problem. Dom can tell the first path to the left dead ends, the second path on the right leads to further tunnels, and the last path to the left hooks to the right. Do you explore any of those tunnels, or continue straight north? straight north the sound of water grows louder. the second path to the right, the sounds appear to be echoing so it appears that there are more tunnels and paths that way. the third path has minimal sounds, so likely you discern there may be a dead end.

    Your stealth and perception checks are fine for these searches. Just need to know if you continue north or branch off anywhere. I'll get a map up later today when i know which way the party is moving.

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    Consistent with Jormud's intuition, Dom will continue checking the paths to the left which all dead end. Eventually we arrive at the room with the large lake which is Room 10 on the map you posted before.

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    "Well, we seem to have eliminated some possibilities," Grayson concedes when they end up in the room with the lake. "But other paths remain open behind us. We should remember them well if our current route proves fruitless."

    With that, the knight begins to peer around the lake room looking for anything out of the ordinary.

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    Sadly, some dust gets into the old man's eyes which starts them watering, which then leads into a bit of a sneezing fit followed by a frantic search for a handkerchief...and, by the time his nose has been summarily dealt with, the whole checking-out-the-room thing really falls to the wayside.
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    Jormud, who feels like he's getting the hang of this "archery" thing, stands near the entrance with Dragon's Breath out and his eyes on corners of the room.

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    As Hideous stated, you are now in area 10. No need to put your locations on the map just yet, but wanted to keep the map readily available for you guys.

    A still pool fills much of this cavern. The water is dark, revealing little of what might lie within. The shore of the pool consists of a thin layer of broken shells from strange, pale mussels, and a fishy odor hangs in the air. You are at the southern passage. There are a set of steps climbing up on the east side of the cavern and a sluggish stream flows out of the cave to the north east.

    Jormud does not spot any enemy around, but his keen eyes are on the look out.
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    Grayson nods.

    "I would be just fine with leaving swimmers to their pools after our last watery bout," the knight affirms, following Dom toward the stairs and staying well clear of the water.


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