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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    you don't find anything of use besides the scimitars.

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    Jormud retrieves the bolt that missed, puts away his crossbow, and draws his rapier.

    "I think the God of Death is not yet done with this day, especially if he raised an alarm that is being executed inside. Shall we ascertain if we are to be Kelemvor's instruments... or his harvest?"

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    Dariana likewise makes for the entrance to the cave, following Dom's lead. Vicious little buggers, these. The mechanisms of her mind begin to grind in analytical thought as she wanders into the cavern.

    It makes one wonder. Why do they rob passersby? Are they hungry and seeking food? All travelers carry some food, but probably not enough to sustain even the numbers we've seen thus far for any significant period. Is it for goods that they can't produce themselves? No, too random. There's no way for them to be certain what a given traveler might carry. Unless, of course, they knew in advance. That would require spies placed in the towns...not likely goblins, too obvious. For a goblin to manage to seal an agreement with another being is unlikely as well. And too complicated for these creatures, I should think. Next possibility then. For monetary wealth? Still random, but at least some take from each attack, and easier to gauge quickly from an ambush site without prior knowledge. Make an estimate; let it go by if there's no payoff, or if it seems too dangerous. Take the easier, more heavily laden ones. Makes sense. We were a stout man and dwarf, a minstrel, and a woman. They probably assumed that the first two were the only real threats, myself, statistically speaking, presenting the smallest difficulty.

    She smiles at that thought. Poor fools. Not off in the judging, just bad luck. It gets the best of us. Another thought streaks through her mind as she processes yet another, more distinctly reasonable probability. Of course! It makes much more sense. No need for spies, no need to assess the cargo, just go, hide, and execute the plan. This could be bad. Dariana quickens her steps to bring her closer to Dom and whispers, "Keep yours eyes open, big boy. I have the sneaking suspicion that these goblins might be following the orders of something bigger, smarter, and nastier than themselves."
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    Dom nods at the warlock's words, "Aye, that last one we killed down on the road said they followed a bugbear named King Kresh. Whether he is here or not remains to be seen, and I intend on seeing it..."

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    Jormud pulls his hood back. He puts his sword away long enough to make sure his shaggy black hair is tied back with a bit of leather, then takes his sword back out.

    He says, "For goblin to have a master, it is no surprise. A free fiend is rare. Leave speculation to the future, and listen to your eyes. Blades ahead, beware."

    He let's Dom proceed first, but stays back and to his left.

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    As you proceed into the cave, you begin to hear distant snarls and growls. You come forward and to the right you see a pack of wolves. 3 of them chained in a small room. You notice in the back of the room, beyond the wolves is a small fissure. You can proceed through the room of snarling growling wolves, or continue forward.

    OOC: If you look at the map, the wolves are in section 3.

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    Dom tries his hand at calming the creatures. He takes three rations out of his pack and approaches the wolves, "Here, now, come and eat. It is dinner time."

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    OOC: Not sure if you're interested in giving me advantage for using the rations but I rolled using the *rollv* method to give you the choice.

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    Damn your rolls! Wouldn’t matter. They both pass. The wolves start eating and ignore your presence.


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