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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    "Clear the other room...then down," Grayson grunts softly.

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    Dom nods and veers away from the staircase, but not before setting up his hunting trap at the top of the stairs. He does his best to conceal it using dirt, rocks, and other nearby debris. He tries to anchor the trap to a nearby rock as best he can.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSurvival - (d20+5) (7) [12]

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    Dom is able to secure the trap no problem. The party heads down the wall and enters a room. A blast furnace and mechanical bellows powered by a waterwheel dominate this large chamber. The furnace is cold and dark, but heaps of coal are piled nearby, along with carts full of unrefined ore. The waterwheel sits in a ten-foot-wide channel cut into the floor of the room, but the channel is dry. Passages exist to the west, south, and east. The empty channel exits to the north and east.

    More than a dozen withered corpses are scattered around the room. These slain dwarves and orcs are still wearing the remnants of their armor. Floating above them is a skull engulfed in green flame.

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    Jormud looks on the creature and tries to recall any lore he might now about such a thing.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollHistory - (1d20+5) (20) [25]

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInsight - (1d20+4) [16]

    Grayson had never seen anything of its like before...but was the green skull malicious?

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    Dom racks his brain for anything he can recall about such a creature.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollArcana - (d20+3) (2) [5]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollNature - (d20+5) (17) [22]

    He also tries to determine whether the skull has spotted them.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (d20+7) (15) [22]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInsight - (d20+3) (18) [21]
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    Alright boys. sorry for the delay. work had me slammed the last few days. Onward we march! I will need initiative rolls. Jormud knows that this is an intelligent undead. He believes it was likely a servant to wizards back when this mine was in operation. Suddenly, 8 of the fallen dwarf warriors arise and threaten the party.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinit Zombie - (1d20-2) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinit flameskull - (1d20+3) [5]

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    Jormud spits, "That thing's undead. Probably controlling the corpses!"

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (1d20+4) (16) [20]

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (1d20) [3]

    "I...can try," the paladin says unsurely, having never done so before. But, nonetheless, he begins to call on his god to see if he can indeed turn these undead horrors aside...
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