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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Jormud aids in the prayers and arranges the bodies. He also helps check them for belongings.

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    One bugbear, notably the larger one, carries on him a pouch containing 15 cp and 13 ep. He also carries a potion of vitality. The others don't carry anything, just their morningstars. there are two entrances in the room, one on the west that you came in and one to the east, which is barricaded by the remains of a wooden table

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    "On we go then, my friends," Grayson intones after the bodies were checked. He then works to remove the table barricade so that the group will be able to exit out of the eastern door.

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    You are able to move the barricade. am i assuming everyone is for this move?

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    If so, on we go. If not, Grayson will absolutely pause if others want/need to.

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    It's breaking the "go left" thing, but that hasn't exactly been an earthshattering plan, so I'm down.

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    You reveal a small hallway that leads to another room, as well as a staircase to your right that leads down. which path will you take?

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    Jormud stays sharp, his newfound talent for archery at the ready.

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    Dom does not locate any tracks or anything living patrolling this hall.


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