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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Default Chapter 1: It Begins

    You are all in the grand city of Dinarius. It is a city along the coast of the Bastian sea in the north east of Esteria. It is a city that has the location of the grand library of Esteria. This library is a large spire in the center of town and holds all of the known knowledge of the land. The city is built around this large library and the city is circular. The city elites and wealthiest live closest to the library, and as you span out towards the city walls, the population becomes poorer and poorer. In the center, the roads are made of fine stone, however, the further out you get, the roads are in disarray. On the outer city walls you have a lot of homeless and people living in squalor. When you reach the middle section of the city (middle class folks) guards begin to guard areas of entry into the wealthy sections of the city. This keeps the beggars out, but restricts this area to those of the elite status. Politicians, wealthy business men and the like. There is an adventurers hall in the middle section on the western side of the city. Here adventurers petition to become registered adventurers. As a registered adventurer, you are able to take official jobs, and gain access to the center of town where the elites live. However, unless you are an elite, you need a special pass in order to gain entry into the library.

    You all are registered members of the Adventurer's Hall of Dinarius. Inside this hall is a tavern, an inn for adventurers, and a wall that has various job postings. In order to take a job, you simply take the sheet from the wall and register you and/or your group with the Hall Task Managers. They assign you with the job and no one else is able to take the job in the hall. Once completed, you return to the task managers for payment. You are all in the tavern and are sitting at the same table. You each are enjoying a beverage, alcoholic or not.

    What does the party do?
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    Dravakar Delldweller takes a long swig of the large stein, gulping down great mouthfuls of the drink. He belches, spittle flying in the cozy room. Slamming the mug down he sighs contentedly. "Tha's not tha sweetest drink I've had, but it does a dwarf well to have some dust in 'is water. Keeps tha bones strong, eh Clip?"

    Clip, a small cardinal with only one wing, chirps his agreement from his customary perch on Dravakar's shoulder. At least the dwarf assumes it's agreement. "So, y'up fer an adventure little fierce one?" Clip pecks the dwarf's shoulder in support and Drav looks towards the notice boards, taking in the crowd in the common room.

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    A half-elven lyre player sits at the long table with his back against the table and his tea on the bench next to him. He plucks a somber tune, one that speaks of those lost in war and those who will never see them again at home, but with the hope in the end that they will all meet again across the veil, reunited in eternity.

    His head is covered in a hood, black with gray trim. The bony hand holding the scales, the symbol of the God of Death, hangs from his throat. His bag is on the floor, under his foot. His weapons hang on his belt.

    When Dravakar makes the inquiry of his bird, he pulls back his hood and turns to see if he was being addressed. Even though he sees that he was not, he says, "Adventure is my next destination, I suppose. The question is what sort?"

    (OOC: Are we acquainted, recently teamed up by the Hall, or do we need to play out our teaming up?)

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    A mountain of a man, the fur-clad human known as Dominic sat at the far end of the table silently enjoying a pint of honeyfire whiskey. He listened as the dwarf at the other end talked to the one-winged cardinal on his shoulder. Hearing the bard chime in, he turns and responds, “Aye, I grow weary of sitting. Time for a job. Let’s see what’s posted, eh?” He rises, finishes the last of his drink, and sets the pint glass down emphatically before he turns his attention to the available tasks. He hoped to find one that led him back out, beyond the city walls, into the wilderness.

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    I will say you guys are acquainted as adventurers and have decided to team up to take more difficult jobs. This way we can get right in it.

    Dominic heads over to the wall and a job catches his eye. A dwarf by the name of Baros Warhammer requests a group of able adventurers to escort a wagon to the Wilderock Mountains. The rewards states a 10 gold reward for each adventurer who aids in the escort. Dominic knows that the journey would take a few weeks, so he is enticed by the thought of being outside the city for such a long period of time. The other jobs posted are simple tasks of locating lost objects or clear animals off farms in neighboring areas.

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    After glancing at the available jobs, Dom turns back to the table and calls out, "What do you all feel like doing? Caravan guards? Treasure hunters? Or animal control? You know me, I'm for getting out of the city and stretching my legs a bit. Its good to see the countryside; it reminds you of all the nature that was here before us... and what will be here long after our bones turn to dust and the worms eat our eyes out."
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    "Anything with a little excitement in it, please!" says the flame-haired female at the table. She takes another draught from a stein similar to that in front of Dravakar. "As fascinating as it is that this place seems to have mastered the ability to brew an ale that matches both its patrons and atmosphere in the flavors of boredom and three-day old sweat they exude, I need stimulation." The corner of Dariana's mouth turns up in a cheeky smile and she kicks her feet up onto the table, her chair balancing precariously on less than four legs. Brushing a bit of dust from her long-sleeved green tunic, she adds, "Beyond that, I have no care for whichever job we take.'

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    The lyre player, Jormud, says "Treasure hunting is dull work with no one to sing to. Animal control only slightly less. What about this caravan business? Tell us about those jobs, if you would."

    He slides his instrument into it's carrier on his back, swings his legs around to face the table, and picks up his cup of tea. He pulls back his hood and shakes his dark hair into slightly less disorderly locks.

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    Dom relays the information from the flyer and, if known, how far away Adwasa is, how long he expects the trip to take, and any interesting landmarks or natural features they will pass by.

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