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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    The jellies in fact do split again, at the cut from Graysons blade!There are now two small sized ochre jellies attacking. One at Dom and the other at Grayson.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack DOM - (1d20+4) [9]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (2d6+2) [11]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollacid damage - (1d6) [3]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack GRAYSON - (1d20+4) [15]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (2d6+2) [9]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollacid damage - (1d6) [5]

    Ok pretty sure those both miss. Party is up!
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    Jormud fires another arrow, satisfied with the results of the previous one.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (1d20+8) (10) [18]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPiercing - (1d8+4) (3) [7]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire - (1d4) (3) [3]

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    Dom attacks the other ooze with his twin rapiers.

    Action: Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack 1 - (d20+6) (4) [10] for Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (d8+4) (5) [9]

    Bonus Action: Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack 2 - (d20+6) (13) [19] for Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (d8+1) (3) [4]

    If either attack hits: Authentic Forum Dice-rollSneak Attack - (d6) (5) [5]

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    "Madness by multiplication," the knight mutters as he swings his blade once more, hoping that these little jellies have never heard of exponents.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (1d20+6) [26]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (1d8+6) [9]

    (OOC: Critical hit!)
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    And battle is over! Jormud unleashes an arrow that leaves behind a flaming puddle of jelly, while Dom pierces through the final one, which summarily turns into a puddle and drips off the blades! Grayson, in his anger at causing the creatures to split, repeatedly slashes and stabs at the puddles, ensuring they are dead. In fact, a bolt of holy power scorches the ground where one of the puddles lay, leaving behind only a mist of steam.

    Each gets 150 XP! I believe this puts the party at 2850 XP?

    The enemy has been dispatched, and there are no other signs of more enemies. You stand at the junction. A path leading north, west, east, and you can return south. You hear the distant sound of water to the north.

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    Jormud says, "That works for me."

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    The party moves west, only to run into a dead end. You can tell the miners had worked the cave a bit in this area before giving up and leaving to excavate some other area. You find various old signs of mining and excavating had occurred here. Nothing of value.

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    Jormud grumbles. "Back and to the north, then?"


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