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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    Jormud says, "Isn't causing trouble where none need be caused kind of what they'll put on our gravestones?

    "I cannot imagine leaving a bow valued by a dragon of the sort that most often turns to evil is a good idea. What harm is there in trying?"

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    "I...I...," the knight stumbles, pausing and frowning ever more deeply.

    "No...while I care little for bows or stealing another's possessions for my own gain, I admit that allowing this creature to grow to full size this close to farmlands might well be madness. Dom speaks the truth. As much as I am loathe to strike without honor, especially against a youngling, a red dragon is still a red dragon. I am with you, my friends, albeit with a heavy heart."

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    The party makes its way back down to the dragon. When you reach the bottom, you notice the dragon is no longer wrapped around the pedestal.
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    who goes there? are you a monster?
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    Jormud says, "No. Who are you?"

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    It is not difficult to discern where the Dragon is. A quick glance around the room you locate the dragon hiding behind a pillar a little off in the distance. The pillar, clearly not large enough to hide even the small dragon. You can see the dragon looking scared and attempting to hide behind the pillar. Not in a manner to gain a surprise attack, but in a manner to keep out of site.

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    I'm Mimsy. So you are not a monster? Then have you come to play with me? I get so lonely in here by myself.
    The dragon peers around the pillar and the sad face is now replaced by one with genuine excitement at the possibility of people here to play with him.

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    Dom sighs, “Yes, we have come to play with you Mimsy. My name is Dominic and these are my friends Jormud, Grayson and Baros. What game shall we play first?”
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    "Curiouser and curiouser...," Grayson murmurs softly.


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