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Thread: Chapter 1: It Begins

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    You notice only the dragon wyrm. You also notice his body is wrapped around a pedestal that holds a long bow and a quiver of arrows.

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    Once revealed what lurks below, Grayson pales and whispers, "Now, surely, you all will agree that we ought to leave this sacred place, yes?"

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    Sorry I should have also noted, Dom is able to tell it is not a fully grown adult dragon wyrm.

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    Jormud says, "I'm more inclined than before to stay."

    He then tries to recall of any legends of dragons guarding bows, especially small ones.

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    Jormud, suddenly goes into a trance and begins recalling lore of dragons guarding treasure, as if he was reciting it verbatim from the scrolls and tomes he has read. You know that it is not uncommon for dragons to take to treasure hordes. One such as this would certainly not be an undesired treasure. Though it is not as large to garner a large dragon taking up residence, perhaps the smaller dragon is seeking this to be his start to being an adult dragon.

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    "Do you two really intend to try to slay a dragon?" Grayson asks somewhat incredulously.

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    Jormud says, "Negotiation is certainly on the table, though this particular hue of dragon is not known for being particularly kind or hospitable."

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    "But...but why do any of those things?" Grayson asks, baffled. "We don't have to be here. We never intended to come here! We camped in a cave, on the way to a destination, and we decided to investigate its depths! Yes, we have found something fascinating here, but why cause trouble when none needs to be caused?"


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