Arch here. I'm looking for some new blood to join in with a regular or two for an upcoming Pathfinder game. The plan at present is to run the Carrion Crown adventure path followed by the Tyrant's Grasp AP (releasing in the spring). The game will be a weekly event, most likey Sunday evenings, US Central Time. I would run it in either Maptool (preferred) or Roll20. Voice will be used, but talking is optional.

Background: Carrion Crown is paizos "monsters" AP, with volumes starting with hauntings, and moving thru body horror, Frankenstein, werewolves, zombies, Lovecraft, vampires, etc. Tyrant's Grasp is a forthcoming AP, and the final Pathfinder 1st Edition AP, which will see the heroes trying to stop Golarion's BBEG himself, the Whispering Tyrant.

About me: I'm an old hat from these forums, whose been elsewhere for a while. GM'ing since 2004, and have ran a number of campaigns over the years, most recently Mummy's Mask and a 1-20 homebrewed Mythic game, both completing in 2016. Been a bit busy with life to GM in the last year and a half, but Tyrant's Grasp has me clearing my plate and gearing up again.

If you're interested, reply, pm, email (archmagi1 at Yahoo), or send me a message on steam (archmagi1).