I am recruiting up to three players for a D&D 4e game to take place in three or four weeks. I am running the Zeitgeist adventure path.

Zeitgeist is set in an industrial-revolution-like setting, with trains, factories, disgruntled laborers, firearms, fairy courts, and Victorian occultism. It casts the player characters as investigators and operatives of a CIA/FBI-like organization, one that recruits from all walks of life. The campaign is fundamentally about unveiling a global conspiracy of planar occultists and arcanoscientists, many of which are in positions of power. From book #2 onwards, it is predominantly an urban adventure, with the occasional wilderness trek. From books #1 through #5, there is but a single dungeon, and even then, it is fairly short. Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma skills are very important in this adventure path.

Time Slot:
5:00 to 11:30 P.M. EST, on either Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, or Saturdays; the precise day is to be decided on later.

Method of Play:
Pure text. Discord for conversations, Hamachi and MapTool for positioning and maps. Roll20 is not an option.

Contact Info:
Send a Discord friend request to Earth Seraph Edna#1648. Other contact methods will be ignored.

Additional Notes:
Players should ideally give 24 hours of advance warning before being unpunctual or absent. The listed game time is not an "everyone should be here" time, but a "we are actually starting at this time" time. The GM will start and run the game as long as at least two players are present, and will personally control any absent players' characters.
I understand if the following is a major deal-breaker, but my campaign style is my campaign style. This is a weeaboo version of Zeitgeist wherein almost all of the NPCs are cute anime girls, cute anime girls (male), or very cute anime boys. PCs are held to similar standards.
Extensive house rules are to be implemented, including rewrites of the Zeitgeist themes.