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Thread: Chapter 6.7: Meeting with the real King

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    Vort nods,”One of these divine items wouldn’t be a gem encrusted egg, would it?”

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    Branchala shakes his head negative. He says, "I believe they should all detect as magic, but they just can't be located with a conventional spell."

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    Vortigern nods, "Ah, thank you very much for that clarification, good King Branchala. I shall not keep you any further and I give my thanks to you once more." Crossing his hands in front of him, Vortigern bowed deeply and held it.

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    Branchala looks to the rest of them, unsure if they have any other questions.

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    Kalthanar thinks upon his remaining questions, "So your last memory is all of the races living together in harmony in Padir?"

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    Branchala nods. He says, "Of being able to see? Yes. I have memories from countless time while being sealed away, but I don't think that is what you are referring to. We realized something was amiss. Whatever sealed us away was not instantaneous. In hindsight it is easy to see that the divine items were responsible, but at the time, we suspected other theories. Gilean proposed a cosmic shift or some other anomaly. Obviously that wasn't the case."

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    Brandon asks Branchala about all of the other god-items, including those in which Solinari is imprisoned. He tries to pay close attention so he can remember them all, and as soon as the meeting is over, he rushes to find quill and ink to write them down (unless some can be had at the present, in which case he reviews the list with Branchala to confirm its accuracy).

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    OOC: I was wondering if anyone would ask him for a list of them. I will type them up later when I have time.

    Branchala nods. He relays the requested information on the divine items of each deity, as he recalls them.

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