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Veta commands her lackey the boy to hold his fire. She looks to the others. "I don't know what use the fairy boy might be to us in the future, but the girl is of more importance at the moment."
The boy sets the bolt in the weapon but points it towards the ground. He is unused to carrying the weapon, but knows at least well enough to point it away from anyone in your group.
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And she touches down to watch the fairy burn, before the Revenant comes down. She's... tired, bleeding from several slashes.

HP: 32/84

Nodding solemnly toward Veta, though, Thoja'nnom has her rapier around his neck, taking his short sword in the other hand. Moving slowly, nudging. "Both move forward, make the exchange peacefully, yes? This boy for girl." Closing distance - it may well be pirate courtesy. She's mumbling something under her breath.

"He was not responsible for death. Kidnappings were done by fairy - he led the lost boys, but she manipulated. Now she is dead, and we are rescuing those we can. Your friend wished well by you." She moves from beside the Boy, gesturing... and suddenly growing shorter, hair going white. Spectacles on her face... probably too tall to be the sailor gnome, but it's the look that counts.

Casting: Disguise Self

And she does her best imitation of the aged one's voice. "He was knocked into the water with the Sirens, but he survived."
Mirwen hurries over to hide behind Broghar, using his body to block line of sight to the monster.
The revenant is not amused at the image of his old boatswain, though it's hard to read body language on his long-rotted face. "Don't mock one ghost with another, the boy dies. He's not innocent," he croaks with a supernatural echo, holding up his hook hand. "Not innocent enough. All but one of my crew is dead, myself included. Bygones be bygones be dammed, the boy dies!"

The Fairy Boy looks at his magical shortsword and considers handing it to someone else. "I'll trade you for a different weapon." He doesn't want to trade for a magic weapon, despite the fact that it would probably give him an edge in the fight.
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Solen takes a deep breath as Klinka falls as a wave of relief washes over him. When he spots the hook handed revenant, his hand tightens on his sword and he tenses to dash towards him. Thoja's approach stops him in his tracks. He listens to her words and recognizes that there is more here that he does not know. He brings his shield in front of himself and touches his sword arm. A rush of energy surges through restoring his flagging strength. He slowly positions himself to be able to rush the pirate if Thoja acts. He hopes that the girl's gambit pays off, but he wants to be ready if it doesn't.

(Action: Lay on Hands - 50 pts to myself, Move: I want to be within 30-40' of the pirate if possible at an angle from Thoja's approach. Thoja has the lead here. Haste Action: Not being used this round)
The undead pirate indicates with a sweep of his blade, "If you stand between the boy and me, I will go through you to get to him! I've waited long enough to tear out his throat and throw the body to the sharks." He is deathly serious.