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Thread: Campaign - High Stakes

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    Shinoko and Carl continue to battle it out with neither combatant gaining clear advantage. Waves of dark energy radiate off of Shinoko in rhythmic pulses. Bison finally turns to look at the two of them and a look of actual horror comes over his face.

    "No!!" he screams. "You'll summon--!"
    He is cut off by a roar of victory from across the area. In the spot where once every World Warrior was concentrated now stands a lone figure in a black gi with dark skin and fiery red hair. All of the World Warriors lay still on the ground around him. He starts slowly walking toward the battle.

    [Threat holding at 8, threatening to rise dramatically.]

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    The assault continues, before petering down as Shinoko turns her head sharply to regard the other aura. It's strong, overwhelming... and without warning, she pivots, and flings Carl hard at Bison, to get both of them out of the path. No interference.

    Deep in the heart of darkness, even now, there's still a glimmer. On the outside, the burning warrior sees a true opponent. On the inside... she needs to stop them. This is... "Akuma." A single word, as she stares across. It's truly a match now - what Bison has wrought in his desire for power. Not only did he push someone beyond any limits and reason, but her presence summoned the demon himself, seeking matches with only the strongest of fighters.

    Her body is battered. It's assaulted with foreign energies, volatile and threatening to cause her death in any number of ways. She's had to keep rising to keep up, and now, she's at the top. And in her mental state, she's in no position to even consider the collateral here. To her, he's not someone who murdered anyone close to her - but to him... she represents the culmination of perhaps the strongest opponent he ever faced, and the accidental discovery of power he wields as his lifeblood. It's akin to the Dark Hadou, and he can't suffer a second. Nothing else is more important right now than testing in battle, pure and simple.

    Or that's how it should go. But her muscles are gone, her body is frail, emaciated, still with the energy. Her skin has gone pale, hair fallen out... the energy is killing her, and the blow against Carl was all she had. But she's still standing, just one single punch away from a death that seems certain. Her second transformation ever, second time in a day, and it's eaten her.

    But she's standing here, black energy licking slowly off of her, a faint thing.

    Still Standing 2
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll1 Attack (Carl) - (1d6) (4) [4]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll5 Defense - (5d6) (1, 6, 3, 1, 3) [14]
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    "Carl!" Bison yells, the urgency apparent in his voice. "Stop fighting that one and prepare for the assault that's coming! We will need all three of us if we even hope to survive!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    "Carl!" Bison yells, the urgency apparent in his voice. "Stop fighting that one and prepare for the assault that's coming! We will need all three of us if we even hope to survive!"
    Carl isn't even sticking around long enough to properly listen to Bison. Live to fight another day, as it were.

    Vasquez devotes his whole energy after parrying Shinoko's next blow to getting out of there and running like the coward he is. He doesn't care- the second Akuma showed up on his radar, everything from his algorithms to his brain to his soul told him that he was in the presence of an apex predator that he did not intend to study nor care to fight. He still kept an eye on the raging demon, out of fear that he would be first on the block to die.

    He breaks out into a sprint that became faster and faster the further he got, the hair on the back of his neck standing up with Akuma leering behind him. He had to find an exit... His eyes darted around wildly for a red-lit door sign.

    Running From the Devil 2

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack (Akuma, only if Akuma attacks in the hope that he'll get a hit in) - (2d6) (1, 1) [2]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense (Everyone) - (4d6) (1, 1, 2, 6) [10]
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    Since everyone is outdoors, Carl needs to only run toward the hotel and then around it to the building's front where the Strip is located. From there, he encounters various law enforcement and news crews being held at bay by a large deployment of Shadaloo forces. Carl is engaged by some of the police, but it takes little effort to take them out before continuing on his way to the first empty car that catches his eye. Shaping the index finger of his right hand into a key, Carl starts the vehicle and then peels away, doing his best to put Vegas far, far in his rear view mirror. Carl shrinks into the distance until his tail lights are just a single small red dot, and then those are gone as well.

    "It seems it is just you and I," Bison says, stepping up next to Shinoko but never taking his eyes off of the approaching enemy. "After this I shall have to review Carl's code. Make him more obedient. But for now, we must work together to handle this one."

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    There's a croaking voice that comes out. But Shinoko glances aside. "... you can keep him. I need energy, everything you have. He will only suffer a single opponent in fair combat, or else he will destroy all." Pouring more fire into a burning pan, but either she dies, or she's able to continue. Either way, she's only vaguely aware of things, but she somehow understands on a deeper level.

    This is a one-on-one. Akuma only does this because that's a warrior's way. Beyond the darkness, the drive for power, he is a demon of war. Plus... she knows her master faced him before, and they both quit on amicable terms lest they kill each other.

    Maybe luck will be with her.
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    "Fine," Bison says with a surprising degree of acquiescence. Though Shinoko doesn't know this, Bison already knows that he cannot beat Akuma. He lost their last battle. Badly. His underlings made sure he got a new body that time, and they'll just have to do it again. Bison steps behind Shinoko and places his hands on either side of her head. With a groan of effort and possibly a little pain, Bison becomes a figure of pure light, pure energy, and is absorbed into Shinoko. Now she stands alone, watching her opponent approach, but she feels revitalized, renewed.

    Akuma stops about a dozen feet away and points at Shinoko. "You," he says. "You will fight me now."

    [Shinoko's Chi is restored to full. Akuma's Threat Level is 10.]

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    She can feel it. All of that energy, the will of Evil merging with her. A will of Good? Either way, deep within, it feels as though there's a hand, pulling her out.

    Black energy wraps over her, enveloping her. Becoming a cloak of black, glowing golden eyes shine through the hood, that black symbol still alight. Unbeknownst to her, she's mirroring Bison as her head rises slowly, a skeletal visage staring out. "... I can sense it. You have escaped Death before. It is only natural for things to die, part of the cycle. If you wish to retreat at any time, I will understand. But you will not elude your fate forever." Her arm moves within... and with a thumb, she pulls the mask, sweeping in a wide gesture and throwing the cloak behind her with it, symbol going out.

    Standing, body whole, not a single mark marring her skin, Shinoko's outfit of white and black and gold represents all that she has become. Something she always was, just waiting to face what was needed to bring this out. She has a soft smile, and she adjusts her glasses lightly. "I just want to finish and take my friends home."

    Despite the kind smile that never leaves, she merely speaks aloud, "Burst." Launching a ball of white flame from her hand, it detonates right at Akuma, just like the Psycho Bomber - but extra energy, nothing wasted, scatters in all directions, before she clenches her outstretched hand, sending them all back at Akuma in a barrage. Even still, her back arm is charging as she steps in with no effort at all, pulses as if a Gorilla Punch - but when she brings it up in a short uppercut, spinning, murmuring, "Rise and Fall.", it seems reminiscent of a Shoryuken. And when she sweeps her legs as a finisher, propelling her back, the white flames strongly resemble what she's learned from C. Viper.

    She's still Shinoko.

    Senkagamijutsu 4
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll4 Attack - (4d6) (6, 6, 1, 2) [15]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll2 Defense - (2d6) (5, 5) [10]
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    Akuma lets the the ball of white flame detonate right in front of him. He is knocked back half a step. He remains open still and allows the scattered energy to circle back around and collide with his back. He is knocked forward about one step. He is intentionally testing Shinoko's ability, allowing himself to feel what she can do. Then he's directly into a guard stance - one forearm up and bent to mostly shield the face but able to pivot to wherever it needs to go, legs slightly bent with feet pointed away from the opponent - just like Ryu. All of Shinoko's follow-up attacks hit, but Akuma barely reacts and is only noticeably pushed backwards a little bit with each one.

    As soon as Shinoko lands, Akuma rears back and fires off a purple-colored hadouken straight at her, followed by another one just a half a beat later aimed at the empty air above her. Then he jumps straight up and fires a third one that travels more slowly than the first two, and this one is angled down, as if targeting Shinoko's feet. Well, this must be a tactic that has served Akuma well in the past, because Shinoko falls for the ruse. She leaps up to dodge the first hadouken, only to learn all to late that that was exactly what Akuma wanted. She sees the second one flying toward her after she's already in the air. Unable to avoid it, she's hit. She falls to the ground, landing on her back, just in time to see the third hadouken come crashing down on her, too. Akuma predicted where she'd be two attacks ahead of time.

    Dark Hadou 4
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (3d6) (2, 6, 5) [13] (1 success. Spend 1 Chi or be defeated.)
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense - (3d6) (2, 6, 1) [9] (2 defenses cancel out your 2 attacks. Threat remains 10.)

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    Chi: 2/3

    Oof. That's no good. Standing up slowly, Shinoko pats the dark energy off of her. Interesting... she takes her own pose, one hand with fingers pointing up, and the other close to her wrist. A ninja's stance. She doesn't appear scathed, but now she's aware of the tactics. Throwing out her hand, she leaves an array of white orbs in the air scattered around them, similarly compacted as with her imitation of the Psycho Bomber, but they just float lazily, as she's now been shown one can direct its speed. The air cracks once more as she comes in hard, a flurry of strikes in close quarters. Aiming for vitals, pinpoint strikes laced with energy to deal damage not just to the flesh, but to the muscles and nerves underneath. Carl wasn't far off when he said it resembled a killing art.

    As she goes with Akuma, back and forth, each meeting against a ball of energy varies. They explode upon contact with Akuma, and empower Shinoko upon contact with her, leading her to detonate them with each blow. She's quite fast, much more than naked eyes can follow, not letting up.

    If she lets up, she's dead for sure.

    Technique Mastery 5
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll3 Attack - (3d6) (4, 3, 6) [13]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll3 Defense - (3d6) (1, 3, 4) [8]
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