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    I am looking to GM a D&D 3.5 adventure "Age of Worms" using maptools and discord. It will level players 1-20. I am new to using maptools, so you will have to bare with me(always open to advice). I would like 4 to 6 players. Time frame is open to discussion from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night or weekdays if looking to play for 2 hours or less. I want to do a session zero to go over characters and hammer out details. Earliest I can do session zero is Saturday the 8th Sept.

    Character Creation
    I am good with most books in 3.5. I do have a few changes that I like to implement. I use pathfinder for stealth, perception and disable skills. I also like to roll for Hp but if you roll below your Con modifier you get to roll again. As far as stat points I like to do 7 rolls of 4d6 using the best 3 for each stat, but we as a group choose the best player roll and everyone uses those rolls(seems the most fair). You will be starting in a city called Diamond Lake. It is a mining city. I don't know why you are there, maybe you were born there, just passing through or on the run but either way you are looking to escape your current life.

    Well rounded characters/groups are suggested. The first chapter is difficult. It tests all character abilities. I also have a tendency to adjust the game to challenge players. If the players are too combat oriented then there will be more choice driven plots or if players are more rpg oriented the combat will be tough. Ultimately we are here to have fun as a group. No one player will be the star. It will take the group to complete this adventure. This isn't an open world per se, it is an adventure. If you go to far off the beaten path i wont have maps ready for it. We can/will do verbal rpg, but if you are looking to go random directions visual game play will be degraded.

    I am interested to hear from players or people with suggestions.
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