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Thread: A Dinner Date of Deception

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    "I happen to know many animals you can hang out with!" Lialda says. "But we need your help with something in exchange. Can you help us?"

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    "What do you need help with?" Farhad asks, looking cautiously optimistic. "And what animals are you talking about?"

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    Just then, Rurik lands awkwardly on the samsaran's head, dishevelling her hair. She does not acknowledge this.

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    "Well, we've got a magical eidolon in the shape of a cat, a parrot familiar, and an honest to goodness cat!" Lialda says cheerfully. As to what we need help with, well... It's a long story, and one of my friends would be able to tell it better. But we would really appreciate your divining skills."

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    Farhad raises his eyebrows as Lialda lists off the various familiars.

    "That's a lot of animals." He steeples his fingers and puts them under his chin. "I will divine whatever you need divining, If I can play with this adorable menagerie for an hour afterwards."

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    "Is there anythin' specific ya need for that divinin'?" Dorsard asks. He was always curious about other systems of magic, even if he didn't understand how they worked.
    "​Like a picture, or hair or somethin' magical?"

    “Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."

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    "Do you wish me to divine a person's whereabouts, then?" Farhad asks. "A picture might help, but a belonging or hair of the person would work even better."

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    "Crockoglup, do you have anything of that kind?" Lialda asks.

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    "Ah, no," Crokoglup says. "But Galaga has that cigarette butt, if that counts as a belonging..."

    "It should," Farhad says. "Let me see it. This will take a while, so you may want to grab books to occupy yourselves with in the meantime."

    Galaga hands the butt over to Farhad. He sets it on the table for a moment while he twists around to dig through a satchel slung over the back of his chair. He pulls an ornate silver hand mirror from said satchel and holds it up to his face. He puts the cigarette butt in between his pointer and middle finger and mimes as if he's smoking it. He continues this behavior for quite a while, his eyes occasionally glowing silver or rolling into the back of his head, his mouth continuously puffing on his imaginary cigarette. Ocassionally a ghostly image of a puff of smoke appears from Farhad's mouth. Crokoglup helpfully blocks them from the view of Ms. Huynh when she happens to be passing by.

    Finally, after an hour of mirror-gazing and fake smoking, the diviner gestures for your group to come look in the mirror.

    You all stand behind Farhad's chair in a tight cluster so that you can see the mirror. In it you can see a broad, square face quite unlike Farhad's, puffing on a real cigarette. The image pans out ten feet. You see that the face belongs to a burly man pacing in a dimly lit room with a dirt floor. Off to the side, just on the edge of the mirror's vision, you also see part of the face that Irfan's watch revealed earlier in the morning; the face of the scrawny young man who kidnapped Riiiiiiibirii. Faint voices emerge from the mirror. The two men are arguing.

    "-he says he isn't rich at all," the smoking man is saying. "I don't know if he's worth the trouble."

    "I told you," the weedy man says. "I overheard that whiny little frogman when he was getting his suit fitted. He was complaining about his filthy rich sister and her filthy rich fiance coming to town to upstage him. They obviously have money, and we can squeeze it out of them."

    "Oh!" Crokoglup gasps from beside Galaga. "Of course; he was making a fabric delivery at the clothing shop yesterday... that's why he looked familiar."

    Meanwhile, back in the mirror, the burly man shakes his head.

    "You'd better be right," he says. "Keep an eye on the prisoner. I'm going outside for some fresh air."

    "What's the point? All you'll be able to smell is that foul cigarette," his partner-in-crime grumbles. But the big man ignores him and stomps away. The mirror follows him up a set of stairs, through a grimy living room, and through a door that leads outside. He parks himself on a rocking chair in front of the house he emerged from, a little wooden house with badly peeling green paint. As he sits down, you can see a house number behind his head: Number 33. You can hear a flowing river somewhere close by. Then the image fades.


    "Well!" Crokoglup says. "How useful a vision that was! Now we have both kidnappers' faces!"

    "And we know they live in a green house near the river," Galaga says. "This will narrow down our search! Come, boyfriend. Let us search for this Green 33 By The River. If we find it, we can alert the police to the villians' location."

    The two of them dash out of the library. Galaga leaves Rurik behind to keep Farhad company.


    Hours later, after the rest of you have your Magical Botany class and are sitting down to lunch, a beaming Crokoglup bounds up to your group's table.

    "Riiiiiiibirii has been rescued," he says. "We found the house and, since our adversaries apparently weren't watching our movements after all, we felt safe enough to tell the constables about the situation. They sent some officers to rescue the poor man and they arrested the culprits. So all's well that ends well! Oh, and Ogwopocroooooak wanted me to give you all a token of her appreciation."

    The grippli sets a bag of 400 gold on the table.

    "And if any of you ever wish to come visit Riverbend, my family would be glad to host you. Ogwopocroooooak is convinced that she'll be mayor by then, and says she'll put you up in the mayoral mansion. Let's hope she's right. If not, we can find you some nice hotel rooms. Anyhow, I'm off to see my sister and her fiance. We're going to have lunch together."

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