Sunday, August 13, 1852
The second year common room, located on the third floor of he dormitory building, looks remarkably like the first year common room. There are several closed windows. A variety of sofas, loveseats, and cushy chairs, some of them arranged around small round tables. Hallways leading to the bedrooms. An anxious looking grippli boy in tuxedo pants and no shirt pacing in front of the unlit fireplace.

Actually, the half-dressed grippli is unique to this particular common room.

The grippli doesn't seem to notice you entering. He has a red silk shirt in one hand and a ruffly white tuxedo shirt in the other. He's looking from one to the other and muttering to himself.

"Too fancy... or not fancy enough? What's she wearing? ... like the Patel wedding all over again... stupid humanoids and their stupid clothing... maybe with a pocket watch? No... no... a cummerbund!"