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Thread: A Dinner Date of Deception

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    (Everybody who's climbing through the window please roll Acrobatics.)

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    Lialda squeezes through the small window with catlike grace, landing softly on her feet on the bathroom's pink and white marble tiles.
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    Lialda made it look so easy... but no matter how he bends and squeezes and contorts himself, Huxley just can't fit through the window. If any kidnappers entered through here, they were likely either quite small or quite dextrous.

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    Dorsard gives one look at the window and frowns. He looks at himself and shakes his head as he speaks.
    "Tha kidnappers don't know who Ah am. Ah'll stay here and keep a lookout, maybe throw a bomb if Ah see them. Good luck!"
    He gives a thumbs up as he tries to find a spot to watch the window while not seeming too obvious.

    “Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."

    —The law of Badger Lords”
    Brian Jacques, Lord Brocktree

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    Irfan, Lialda

    Crokoglup, as small as he is, has no trouble getting through the window and into the restroom. He hops over to Irfan's side and watches curiously as the summoner sets the time on the watch to 6:10, mentally focusing on the "PM" part as the clock doesn't really have anything to show if it's morning or night. The watch's face goes blank... starts glowing silver... and then reveals an image of the bathroom last night.

    An elderly human man walks out of a bathroom stall and washes his hands. The restroom attendent, a tall and very slender young man with light brown skin and a long black ponytail, says something to the old man as he washes his hands. The old man nods and the attendent hands him a fluffy white towel to dry his hands with.

    The old man tips the attendent and leaves. The attendent remains in his spot, his eyes fixed on the door. About forty seconds later, a short blue grippli in a loose white tunic. The grippli nods politely to the attendent, then stands on his tiptoes to look in the mirror as he pulls some sort of cream from his pocket and begins applying it to his nose area.

    The attendent puts his pile of towels down on a rack by the sinks. He waves his hands and says something. The grippli turns a confused face towards the attendent and then freezes. The attendent whips out a sack from under his jacket, unfolds it, and yanks it down over the grippli, accidentally knocking the tub of cream out of his hand. The grippli remains as still as a statue and offers no resistance. The attendent grabs the frogman-in-a-sack and slings him over his shoulder. He walks over the window and yanks the curtains aside. He opens the window and shoves the sack through. You catch the tiniest glimpse of a big, square faced man -the watch's face is so small that it's hard to make out any details- dropping a cigarette and grabbing the sack, then the attendent pulls himself through the window with the grace of an acrobat or a cat burglar. The last you see of him is his slender hand snaking back inside to pull the curtains shut behind him.

    The watch-face shows you an image of the now empty bathroom for another thirty seconds or so, then the image flickers out and you're left staring at an ordinary looking time-piece set to 6:40, the current time.

    Huxley, Galaga, Dorsard
    You can see Irfan, Lialda, and Crokoglup watching the Watch of Watching for three minutes.

    Crokoglups eyes are wide as the image on the watch fades away.

    "Oh my!" he croaks. "What a bold kidnapper! You know, he looks slightly familiar... I wish I could put my finger on where I'd seen him..."

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    Huxley has been completely Winnie the Poohed in the window. He is trying very hard to turn himself invisible. It's not working

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    Galaga stands there like a student waiting for the invigilators to call her into the examination room. She actually never looks like that when she is waiting for the invigilators to call her into the examination room for real, though.

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    Crokoglup hops over to the window and helps pull Huxley into the restroom. Then, with much agitation, he describes the whole shocking scene from the watch to those who weren't able to see it.

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