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    Sunday, August 13, 1852.
    Your flyer tells you to go to Professor Ainsley's for instructions and a key to Professor Idowu's office. You find Ainsley in his own office, stirring a cup of tea idly while he reads a newspaper. The door is propped open with what appears to be a fruitcake. He glances up as you enter.

    "Owl. Is there another water elemental on the loose?"

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    "No, sir. I'm here about cleaning the carbuncle cage."

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    Ainsley nods.

    "Excellent. I don't mind feeding that thing, but cleaning its cage... I wish Professor Idowu would ask his students to take care of his creatures when he's gone, instead of leaving it to us teachers. Don't tell him I said that. And, uh, don't think that just because I'm criticizing your professor that you can show him any less respect. I shouldn't be saying anything bad about him anyways. He's a fine professor and a fine man. I'm getting off topic. Here."

    He pulls two keys and a sheet of paper out of a desk drawer and hands it to you.

    "Keys to Professor Idowu's office and the carbuncle's cage, and instructions on the carbuncle's care. You can ignore the bit about feeding; I've done that already. You just need to clean the cage. Come get me when you've finished, so I can take a look. Oh, and please don't lose the carbuncle. Professor Idowu wouldn't be happy."

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    "Don't worry, Professor. I'll be careful." Owl takes the keys and instructions, then leaves the room. Out in the hall she reads the instructions, and reviews what she knows about carbuncles.

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    You know that carbuncles are reptiles about three feet long. They slightly resemble large chameleons, except that they have a red horn protruding from between forehead. The horn looks like a red jewel. A ruby, perhaps, or a red diamond. In reality it's simply a reflective growth similar to a fingernail. A very shiny fingernail. This horn crumbles to worthless dust within hours if removed from the carbuncle.

    You also know that carbuncles eat fruit and insects, are incredibly shy, and have mild telepathic abilities.

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    After reviewing the instructions, and her knowledge of carbuncles, Owl proceeds to Professor Idowu's office and unlocks the door. Without hesitating she opens the door, slips in, closes the door, and locks it. Then she looks around the office, hoping to quickly spot the cage with Charles inside.

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