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Thread: Chapter 5.3: Armor Returned

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    Default Chapter 5.3: Armor Returned

    After questioning Benson, the group drudges back through some fairly bad weather conditions to assemble in the common room of the Good Knight Tavern. Reed again greets them to a breakfast buffet of over 10 kinds of fruits, fresh baked breads, and custom made omelettes by a halfling chef named Terri. Rian is especially wary of halflings at this point, but she seems very pleasant and the group recognizes her as one of the attendees of the armor ceremony the previous day. The group carefully watches her prepare their food, and is relieved that she doesn't appear to noticeably spit in it.
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    Brandon relays what he has discovered at the wizard's tower and offers it up as the party's new "home base." Otherwise, he sits quietly, contemplating all of the ways which he could test whether Creathin still had any influence over his abode.

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    Kalthanar samples the fruit, "I am concerned about the halflings. I think we need to travel to the Burrows. If we agree to that mission I think it might behoove us to take Yelek with us." He sighs, "As to the dwarves we do not know if Grughac's plan was set in motion."

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    "If poison was used it stands to reason that it was the same one as used in Alliance. Should we seek an antidote to take?" Kalute shakes his head, "I suppose the damage is done, but I can inquire on availability just as due diligence."

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    For the Burrows perhaps," replies Kalthanar. "The dwarves most likely suffer from something we have yet to understand. It does not kill. What would that entail? Disfigurement? Mind control?"
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    Rian said, "While going from place to place addresses a specific need, we're merely reacting to a larger grand plan. We have the advantage of interior lines, but the enemy has attacked multiple locations. We eventually have to get ahead of them and strike at their very core. The burrows are in need and so are the dwarves. Perhaps if we took Ellena with us she could craft antidotes for both the halflings and the dwarves. Do we have a list of the herbs being stolen. Maybe she could extrapolate the types of possible poisons and the impact on halflings and dwarves?"

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    Kalthanar replies, "I had considered enlisting Ellena's aid. I doubt she will actually travel with us though." He thinks for a moment, "This sages breath seems to revolve around brewing. Is there a particular dwarf clan that produces this ale? This might explain how the substance is being disseminated across the land."

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    Rian said, "If we're not going to race to the aid of the burrows or dwarves then I say we influence Owl to give up the location of his other warehouse and recover more Alliance goods."

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    “That is just it,” replies Kalthanar. “We each must vote and state our intention.”

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    Rian says, "I vote to save the lives of the halflings in the burrows. It is the right thing to do."

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