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Thread: Chapter 5.3: Armor Returned

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    “It should be put down,” replies Kalthanar morbidly. “That is a very dangerous risk you are proposing.”
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    “I agree with Kalthanar, the ripper should die.”

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    “Keeping it locked away here is no more dangerous than doing so in the tower. There is always more that can be learned from the creature,” Brandon says, almost pleading with his comrades. “When there is no more use for it, Vort can end it.”

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    "Who is going to guard it when you are away?" asks Kalthanar. "It can change into anyone and then we will never find it again."

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    Rian says, "I think the creature's capacity for evil and the lack of remorse for past evil acts leads me to say that a quick death is the best course of action."

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    “That is a majority,” says Kalthanar. “It dies tomorrow morning before we leave.”

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    Brandon silently accepts the group’s decision, his gaze falling to the table top in front of him. He says nothing more on the matter and returns to his new tower to prepare for their next journey.

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    Kalthanar says to Brandon as a consolation, “You can have the corpse for study if you wish.”

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    After much debate the group finally decides to investigate the Burrows based on the feedback from the evil shapeshifter, Benson. With Vortigern’s prayers spent for the day the group decides to wait for the following morning to depart. They spend the rest of the day in a rare bit of rest around Alliance. Even with the city on edge, they get a brief respite from the deadly life of adventurers. Most non-halflings are more than willing to talk to the Sentinels.

    Kalthanar devotes most of his day in the common room of the Good Knight Tavern to reading the other two books found in the cemetery. This reading is far less enjoyable than the rest. He leafs through both books on Religious Theories and Advanced Rituals. Both have detailed wild theories about a broad range of things from the gods, weather, magic, the shape of Therris, and various rituals and how they’ve changed over time. They are very dry texts and his day is mostly boring. He does get two interesting interruptions though during the day.

    The first is when the strange silver magical mask on the wall begins talking during the afternoon. Its eyes remain closed while its mouth begins moving with no warning. It spouts off, “Underground, past the cleanest halls I hide. The safest place I’ve been in years, I will wait to be claimed.” It then falls silent again. Reed sends the kitchen help to summon the red-headed acolyte known as Cheese to record this cryptic message, the first one in over 2 weeks. Although Kalthanar had heard of the mouth speaking before, this is the first time that he had witnessed it. After the brief interruption, he returns to his reading.

    He is about to order dinner in the evening when he is approached by an aging wood elf man. After a quick bow of respect, which Kalthanar quickly returns, he introduces himself as Graywan Heartsong. Graywan is a spry elf with graying hair and some minor tribal tattoos visible on his forearms. He thanks Kalthanar for his recent help with Alliance and offers to buy dinner for him. The two enjoy a fine evening meal discussing Etoile. Graywan was slightly odd for a wood elf in that he enjoyed the finer arts that most wood elves tended to avoid. He carried a bow and arrow and a lute, and talked about traveling the world as a minstrel once. As dinner ends, he produces a potion vial containing an oily substance from his pouch. He lays it on the table and states, “When things started going bad in Alliance, I was one of the first ones to visit the potion maker. I purchased this potion of exhaustion from her. You can likely put it to better use than I can. It is my gift to you along with my thanks.” With that he rises gives another courtesy bow to Kalthanar and departs.

    Kalthanar spends the rest of the day reading, but whatever useful information the books may contain isn’t something that he can make any sense of. He pockets the books and turns into his room for the night.

    Kalute and Brandon spend most of the day in the Wizard’s Tower. There is much to do, especially for the later who ends up discarding quite a bit of trash from Creathin’s former residence.

    The only round building in Alliance, the 3 story gray stone tower is the training place for all ‘scholars’ that wish to dabble in the arcane. A large reinforced wooden door opens into a small foyer that contains a small stone shrine to Solinari, the god of good magic. Beyond that, the first floor contains a dozen desks and bookshelves with hundreds of texts devoted to magical theory. A spiral staircase on the outside of the room leads to the second floor which, while similar to the first floor contains only five desks and fewer books, which are more advanced in their nature. The spiral stairs continue around the outside of the room up to the top floor. The thick wooden door that was once the entry way to Creathin’s personal quarters had been shattered by the City Watch. Pogim recently ordered a replacement, which was installed today. An imposing lock was on the door, and Pogim handed the key to Brandon. Brandon’s new personal quarters was about 50’ in diameter, with about a fourth of the room taken up by the spiral staircase leading up to his quarters. After cleaning out the room, it contained one comfy bed, one chest, and one desk. There were two small rugs, but otherwise the circular stone room was devoid of much décor.

    Vortigern spent most of the day with Cavana. The dwarven couple, still very much in love, enjoyed a rare day without worry in each other’s company. They walked the city looking for a suitable place to live together while getting to know each other outside of the bedroom.
    Rian spent most of his time sparring and practicing his skills. Captain Griffin was very impressed with the flaming sword that went along with the ice shield. He was clearly impressed by all Rian had accomplished, and reminded him several times of the heritage of the Dragon Slayer items being from Mistmoor.

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