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Thread: Recruiting for Pathfinder 2e playtest

  1. Default Recruiting for Pathfinder 2e playtest

    I am a GM recruiting one more player for the Pathfinder 2e playtest, using the premade playtest adventures and point-buy.

    • UTC-4: 7:00 A.M. Sundays to 12:00 P.M. Sundays
    • UTC+0: 11:00 A.M. Sundays to 4:00 P.M. Sundays
    • First Session: August 5
    • Projected Length: ~18 to ~21 weeks of play.

    • 1. Players should ideally give 24 hours of advance warning before being unpunctual or absent. The listed game time is not an "everyone should be here" time, but a "we are actually starting at this time" time. The GM will start and run the game as long as at least two players are present, and will personally control any absent players' characters.
    • 2. Paizo's playtesting process is under a series of strict deadlines for sending feedback, and since those deadlines are tailored for in-person groups, it will be difficult for a text-based online group to fulfill them. Therefore, the GM requires commitment, dedication, effort, focus, and investment from the players. The players should be fast, efficient, and goal-oriented. Nobody at the table should be laid-back, lackadaisical, or reactive. The group should neither dawdle nor faff around.
    • 3. Feel free to roleplay, but do not bog the game down in slice-of-life interactions or asking other characters about their backgrounds (particularly since Paizo's playtest requires players to switch characters every two or three sessions anyway). Try to keep character dialogue and commentary focused on the actual adventure at hand.
    • 4. The GM will be considerably more curt and spartan with descriptions than they usually are, they will be pushy and shove players along, and they will fast-forward through scene transitions to keep the game moving.
    • 5. Everyone in the group can describe what they please during combat, but nobody is under an obligation to actually do so for combat actions. The GM will generally give combat descriptions only for the first round and for important moments.
    • 6. The GM cannot use Roll20. Hamachi and MapTool will be required. We will use Discord for text chat, and MapTool for positioning and macros.
    • 7. Players should be willing to be cute anime girls, cute anime girls (male), or very cute anime boys. Expect most NPCs to be the same. This is a major deal-breaker, but it is part of the GM's desired aesthetic.
    • 8. Players should be willing to optimize to the hilt and stress-test the playtest with a keen mechanical eye. The point here is not the ability to optimize; it is the willingness to.

    If you are interested, send a friend request to Earth Seraph Edna#1648 on Discord, then a message. Other contact methods are not preferred.
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