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    I am looking for players for a Saturday game of the AP "Hell's rebels". The start time would be 12 or 2 PM EST.
    Looking for 2 or 3 players to make a group of 4 or 5.
    Skype and Discord will be used. Roll 20 is used for the stat rolling and HP rolls. We will play on Maptool 1.4.
    The players guide is free on the paizo site.

    Starting Level: 2nd (mostly so the party does not have to level mid 1st game play)
    Stats: 4d6k3r1 4d6, reroll 1's, drop lowest.
    Alignment: Non-Evil
    HP: Max for 1st level; after, roll, reroll 1's.
    Classes: Anything 1st party except Summoners, or occult classes.
    Races: Preferably Core, Tiefling or Tengu. You can play something else but ask 1st and you are likely trying to stay out of the authorities eyes, there may be penalties for not being able to blend in. Nothing over 16 RP. any race over 10 RP (outside of core) takes a -2 to one stat, and that stat can't go under 5.

    Traits: 2, one must be a campaign trait. You can take 1 drawback for a trait.
    Background skills: I am using Background skills. So you get 2 ranks each level for Background skills.
    Wealth: 150 GP
    Background: If you are not native to Kintargo, there needs to be a good reason why you would be there during martial law that would also make sense, and why you would take part in a rebellion. Feel free to know other party members, but you can also be strangers. Some important questions to consider:

    1) Where/how are you living in Kintargo? (Doesn't have to be a specific location, but it can, if not what part of town at least)
    2) What do you do for a living? (This doesn't have to equate to a skill, but it can, especially if you want to do downtime things to try and earn money)
    3) Do you have any ties to the community, any locals you frequent, any groups you are/want to be a part of?
    4) If you take a drawback, why does your character have that drawback?
    5) Do you have any family in Kintargo?

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