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    The chance of an NPC identifying who you are, is your Renown x 2%. So if a member of the Moonlit Swords were to walk about Jasrel, they would have a 20% of being recognized.

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    Located in the lidani village of Moonlit Cove, the wooden building with a thatched roof measures 30' x 60'. The lidani of the village care for the Hall and it's occupants--no maintenance costs or lifestyle expenses while staying in the guild hall.

    Professionally taxidermied head of Halruun, Arcanist Illithid, placed on an honored spot in the guildhall.

    Dislodged from the mouth of a young Green Dragon by Axar Darkbrew.
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    15000gp max value
    2750gp current value
    1500gp/month maintenance
    20 skilled employees
    40 unskilled employees (guards)

    Due to it's location and lack of competition in the area, it will make rolls at advantage during the non-winter months and then at a disadvantage during the winter months due to cessation of all traffic. Maintenance also drops to 10% of normal due to 90% of the staff leaving for the winter to live in Jasrel or Stormgate.

    Fullsun Maintenance roll: 48; all maintenance costs paid by the caravanserai.
    Leafall maintenance roll: 8; 1.5x maintenance costs.
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    Class: Cog
    Crew: 4 skilled sailors, 1 cook, 1 assistant
    Gross Worth: 3,000gp
    Current Net Worth: 2850gp
    Maintenance costs: 100gp/month (start: Midsummer 22, 1017)

    • +6 days accrued toward business roll
    • Zavros made end of month roll and it was horrible. He paid maintenance
    • Standing orders to keep shipping while group is adventuring.
    • Fullsun roll: 22; 300gp maintenance cost.
    • Leafall; maintenance dropped to 100gp/month
    • Leafall maintenance roll: 89; 100% profit on maintenance.
    • Months 10/17, 11/17, 12/17, 1/18, 2/18 yielded a net gain of 200gp.
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    For rescuing nearly 100 lidani women of the Twin Oaks tribe from a life of slavery, the Moonlit Swords have earned the title of Honored Amongst the Lidani.

    For defending King Orynn Fellhammer against a Duergar attack where six demons were summoned to take his life, the Moonlit Swords have earned the title of Friends of the King.

    Axar Big Damn Balls Darkbrew--Winner of the 1017 Winter Festival Last Man Standing

    Cormack Pearbranch--Winner of the 1017 Winter Festival Scavenger Hunt

    Ivar--Winner of the 1017 Winter Festival Golden Arrow

    Sir Althir the Red--Knighted by First King Danial 1/01/1018

    Dame Hildegard Cove-Warden--Knighted by First King Danial 1/01/1018

    Sir Ivar Strongbow of Jasrel--Knighted by First King Danial 1/01/1018

    Sir Zavros Dragonsbane--Knighted by First King Danial 1/01/1018
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    Tap That GlAss

    Brewery in Jasrel owned by Axar.

    Initial value: 100 gold (opened 12-1-17)
    Month 1 90 gold profit. (12-17 business roll)
    Month 2 no loss/profit. (1-18 business roll)
    Month 3 180 gold profit. (2-18 business roll)
    Total value is presently: 340 gold (3-18 before 3-18 business roll).
    Added 660 gold to business to bring value to 1000 GP. (2/5/20)
    Added a DC 25 lock to the place with 2 keys (Axar and Anvil)

    Run by: Anvil Darkbrew, an elderly Darkbrew clansmen who was a bit of mentor for Axar as a youth. Anvil is fat, slow, mostly deaf now, and just as charming as Axar, but he's forgotten more about brewing than Axar ever knew. The key is that he's a Darkbrew, which more than makes up for his shortcomings elsewhere. At least according to Axar...

    Note: Axar has Lorgrim's Special Reserve recipe
    While you retain this recipe and keep it a secret, selling the Special Reserve alongside your normal Darkbrew ale when you have a business, it will give you an Advantage on your business rolls. Need to work my level in days per month to roll this way.

    Liquid Diplomacy
    Goals: spread goodwill and lower racial tensions primarily between dwarro and humani through non-profit ale.
    Opened on 2/5/19. Initial value of 1000 gold. First month (month 4 of TTG) will be 100 gold maintenance cost.
    The business will be run by Ambrek Darkbrew, one of Anvil's great-great grandsons and another cousin to Axar. Ambrek has a friendly demeanor and a strong desire to change the world, even if he's a bit naive at times.
    Added a DC 25 lock to the place with 2 keys (Axar and Ambrek)
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    Speedy Steps Messenger Service

    Locally only based Messenger Service based in the Trade District of Jasrel. Utilises the Urchins of Jasrel to deliver messages quickly and efficiently. Set up by Ivar on 3rd Briskwind 1017.

    Currently Employed -
    Percy - Manager
    Mikken - Runner
    Tobias - Runner
    Kurt - Runner

    Maintenance per month (minimum) = 60gp

    Initial Startup - 60 gp
    100gp for Employees (total 4)
    100gp for outfitting and stocking of supplies
    740gp currently in Safe. (+1 Golden Arrow of value 100gp) (initially was 60gp in safe at startup)
    Total Business Value - 1000 GP
    Business Rolls -

    End of Harvest Grain = 99 (Profit 90gp - 60 was added to the safe at that time, 30 kept by Ivar)
    Rolls for the 3 Months of Winter = I didn't write the numbers but I a note that says it ended up being a total of 30gp profit for the 3 months - due to a bad roll in the middle.
    All was put into the safe taking it up to its current amount of 150 in safe.
    Put in 590gp to boost value of business. - total in safe now 740g
    Total Business Value of 1000gp

    Additional Notes -

    Hoping that with King Danial's patronage to perhaps expand, or at least gain Royal favor towards Business rolls.
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