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Thread: OoTa OOC Chatter: Chapter 5

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    I'll be on vacation in Florida from the 30th-14th I think, so my posting will drop considerably. I think I'll have internet, but I can't promise I'll use it much. Please consider that two week stretch a minor hiatus for me that will end as soon as I'm back in Maine.

    Feel free to have Shuushar Eldritch Blast away from the background while I'm gone!

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    I'm flying back to Maine from Florida today and will be off on another little adventure this weekend. Posting will be very spotty until Monday! Thanks for bearing with me. I'll be back to normal posting after that.

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    Regarding Extra Attacks: Apologies. I'd looked up a ruling, but it wasn't anything official. I'd rolled the extra attack based on that. No worries.

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    I'll be camping this weekend. I'm planning on posting tomorrow morning. I might have signal Friday, almost certainly won't Saturday, and may be too tired to post Sunday. I'll be back on schedule for sure Monday.

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    I think Mal can jump it with a running start. Doesn't Mal have a high strength score? Maybe he jumps over while holding a rope that another of us holds onto. If we have the equipment, we could make some anchors and make a rope bridge. If not, we could have Mal hold the rope and haul us each over.

    If Mal is holding the rope on the other side, we send Jimjar jumping across first (secured to rope) and Mal hoists him up the remaining way. Then, Jimjar helps Mal with the Shuushar (I'm going from least weight to greatest). Then all three help with Nyx. Would that work?

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    I was hoping to use Mage Hand to move the rope across and tie it, if allowed. But your way works too.

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    Depending on how deep it is, Mal may try to climb down instead, but I'm for the jumping plan.

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    I'm off to NY to meet my new baby niece this weekend, so no posts from me between Friday afternoon through Sunday night, I'd say. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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    I want to apologize for delays on my end. I'm not nearly as active on my computer recently and that means that I'm not checking the forum as often. I'm very active on discord because it's easy to use on my phone. I'm going to try to do better, but if I can't manage I may drop out at a decent point for you all. It's not fair to folks if I can't keep up a good posting rate.

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    I hope you don't leave, Matt. What's changed that has kept you from the computer lately?

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