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Thread: magical item disposition and general loot

  1. Default magical item disposition and general loot

    If we sell everything above in my post with the exception of:

    Mw cudgel
    Exquisite painting 150gp
    Jeweled egg 500gp
    Jeweled goblet - needs appraisal
    ST brooch 100gp
    Minotaur axe 50gp

    That would yield a total of 145.6gp each, split 5 ways.
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    I’d rather sell the cudgel and keep the egg.

  3. Default magical item disposition and general loot

    Quote Originally Posted by Spellblade View Post
    I’d rather sell the cudgel and keep the egg.
    The cudgel is 1gp, the egg is 500gp and not included either.
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  4. Default magical item disposition and general loot

    Why not sell the egg?

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    Save it as a gift or bargaining chip. It’s easy to carry around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo;[URL="tel:1230887"
    1230887[/URL]]Why not sell the egg?

  6. Default magical item disposition and general loot

    That’s 90gp out of everyone’s pocket that they’re not getting for something that could get stolen or damaged. I understand the thinking behind it, but Vort needs gold for his goals.

    Speaking of which, when a group member claims something that can be sold, such as the ST brooch or the Minotaur axe, does that person pay back the shares to the group?

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    I don't really care either way. Brandon already has two magic items and has very little use for gold. He would be happy to pay back his shares to the group for those items.

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    I forget, we haven't done anything with these, right?

    another small sapphire that the group believes to be worth maybe 100-200 gold
    a small onyx carving of a bride and groom: approx
    50 gold.
    Elvish wine bottle, but probably 50 gold.
    Rare bone dice - The dice value depends on what the bones are. Either nothing or something significant.

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    • Loot from East Warehouse Treasure:
    • 250 Silver
    • 120 Gold
    • 5 Platinum
    • A book devoted to devious merchant practices (25 gp)
    • 1 lyre (30 gp)
    • 2 lbs. of cooking spices (4 gp)
    • 1 disguise kit (25 gp)
    • 4 flask(s) of alchemists' fire (200 gp)
    • 5 lbs. of gold trade bars (250 gp)
    • 4 yellow quartz worth 50 gp each
    • opal set of animal figurines worth 250gp
    • exotic wood bird cage worth 250gp
    • Potion
    • Magical dagger (from Artemis)
    • Spellbook (from Uther)
    • Mask (from Good Knight Tavern)
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    Cut and paste of priestess/drider battle:

    The Sentinels perform a quick check of the bodies. The male driders have nothing of value but their weapons. The female drider has a few papers on them written in dark elvish script. Glancing at it, Kalthanar believes he can read it, but the script, order of words and other language nuances have changed enough that it would take several minutes to decipher what was written to him. With time of the essence he shows them to the group and pockets them. She has two pouches, one full of assorted and rare spell components, with the other having 10 platinum and 4 gold coins, all with a strange Cristas mint. It's unclear how much these would be worth in Alliance due to the odd mint, but the group takes all of these.

    The priestess has a whip, flail, and her plate armor, which is still too hot to touch for very long from the heat metal spell. Under her armor, she wears a golden decorative necklace with the house emblem, a letter "C" decorated in gems. It certainly had material value. Her coin purse contained 25 platinum.

    Without removing her armor, there was nothing else of obvious value on any of the dead.

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