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Thread: magical item disposition and general loot

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    Default magical item disposition and general loot

    Everyone can post here. If you want to divide loot in this thread, feel free. I find it easier to have a separate thread for loot in case I want to check everything later.

    Magical items currently held by the group. Lore to be added as it becomes known:

    Heaven's Wrath Longsword - departed - once belonging to Rian - Strange pure white longsword in a similar sheath with it's name etched on the blade in a strange language. The race of the wielder is unknown, but her name is recorded as Yila Truesong. Elves and halflings both claim her as their kind, but none can explain the language on the blade. Based on the very limited text, it is believed to be at least 1000 years old. Yila crafted a series of items that would hopefully outlive her in usefulness. Little is known about the items due to their age, but the sword has appeared multiple times in history, wielded by a variety of races with a common theme: it seeks out a person in desperate need and aids them before moving on. The blade can only be used by someone of good alignment and has never appeared in a Great War that pitted one race against another. It is said to be constantly seeking something, likely another item that it was crafted with.

    Only usable by a good aligned character. Roll 1d20 once per day right before combat. 1-14 = long sword +1. 15-30 = long sword +2. 31-40 = long sword +3. On a critical strike (natural 20) does an extra 2d8 damage instead of an additional 1d8 damage


    Number of items in set: at least 2

    1. Shield of the Dragon Slayer - Rian - A quality metal shield with a thin (1/2" thick) layer of ice that gives off a small ice mist in warm climates. It was crafted by Trylor Blackenbore of Mistmoor around 500 years before the first Great War. Trylor was once the leader of the Badger tribe, and had a vision of uniting the various tribes under one banner without a gladiatorial contest. He was believed to craft four items: a shield, a helm, a weapon of some sort (records are vague/contradictory on what kind of blade it was), and some other item. The story is told that he found and slew a dragon, uniting the tribes under his rule for some time. The Badger tribe was renamed the Dragon tribe based on his actions. The Helm was believed to have been passed down from Warlord to Warlord until it was eventually lost during the third Great War. What happened to the other items is unclear.

    Shield +1. Advantage to saves of fire based effects (fireball, firebolt, etc). Absorbs 10% of fire based damage, rounded down (10 damage becomes 9), minimum of 1 damage absorbed. Disadvantage to frost based saves (ice storm). The shield must be actually wielded/equipped to get the bonuses (and disadvantage) vs. elements.

    2. Flamequench - Rian - A bastard sword wielded by Trylor Blackenbore on his quest to slay a dragon. By itself it is looks like a high quality bastard sword. With a quick mental command, the blade coats itself in fire, burning it’s foes alive. As a side effect of chaotic magical creation, if the wielder swings and misses with the flaming blade, it will burn the users hand.

    +1 bastard (long) sword. Gives off light like a torch if you light it (mental free action).

    As a free action you can will the flames to turn the flames on/off. Turning the flames off must be clearly stated in an unedited post before you roll. If you swing and hit, it does +1 for the sword and +1d6 damage for the flames. If you swing and miss with all attacks of the round, it does 1d6 damage to yourself. Keep in mind this synergies with the shield’s fire protection.

    Set bonus
    -2 items: Attuning them together (1 hour short rest) allows you to assign and additional +1 to either the blade or the shield. To switch it, you need 8 hours (long rest) to redistribute. Separating the items immediately breaks the connection/bonus and takes another 1 hour rest to reattune.


    Number of items in set: at least 2

    Hoku's Magical Insight - Vortigern - A simple men's gold wedding band with two thin etchings engrave on the inside of it. One etching reads "Hoku's Magical Insight" while the other etching reads, "Buy Now, Pay Later". The magical ring was created by the great red robed human wizard Hoku in the year 210 as a way to help remember some minor spells that he did not want to prepare daily. When Cypher obtained it, the former cleric of Gilean created a matching wedding band for his late wife, Trinity. They are likely part of a matched set.

    Stores the spells: comprehend languages and identify. Provided the components are there, it can cast each spell a maximum of once per day via a free action. Spell casting time and duration still apply. Changing these may be possible with research.

    Increases one intellectual (wis, cha, or int) stat of the user's choice by 2 points
    Decreases a physical (dex, str, or con) stat of the user's choice by 1 point
    ----To select the stats, one hour must be spent concentrating on the ring. To change the stats, the equivalent of a long rest must be taken to reattune it to different stats. So, you cannot change the stats on a whim, but you can with some planning and forethought. If something would interrupt a long rest, it will interrupt the reattuning.

    Once per day you can add 1d6 to an attack, ability check, or saving throw roll. You must state it before you make the roll (add it to the roll as you make it). The very next meaningful (attack, ability check or saving throw) roll you make that day must be made with a -1d6. If you don't roll another one that day, the negative effect is lost.

    Number of items in set: unknown

    Belt of the True Blood

    Once worn by the powerful wizard of the Black Robes Predzar the Demented around year 150, this belt was part of a set of arcane items that augmented his power. As his power grew to incredible levels, his sanity plummeted to the point that he was eventually killed by his brethren – one of the few recorded battles and deaths ever inside a tower of sorcery.

    His items were believed to be scattered and given to those that proved exceptionally worthy during their test of the Tower of High Sorcery. What it was doing in Owl’s warehouse is unclear.

    Cannot be equipped by a multiclass person
    Once per day allows the user to cast any first level spell at second level potency. Any augmented damage and/or healing done via this injures the user by the equivalent amount.
    So, casting a magic missile lets you roll an additional 1d4+1 damage. If you roll a 3, you create a bolt that does 4 additional damage, and you also take 4 damage.
    It also allows the caster to prepare an extra first level spell each day that their class already has access to. You can’t cast an extra one; you just have one more spell to choose from. Those classes that don't prepare spells get to "know" one more.
    Any generic spells that are augmented (sleep, fog cloud, etc) deal a flat 5 points of health damage to augment.

    Other items in set: bracers, boots, and curved dagger


    Number of pieces in set: unknown

    True Courage Long Bow - Kalthanar
    Once wielded by Queen Alithia, this bow had been lost following her death. Common belief was that she was overrun and killed by War Chief Gluk, however the elven maiden turned medusa, Syndra Therolan, claimed to have slain her with her own hands. It has had several previous owners, but none of which have used it with the renown that Queen Alithia.

    The wood for the bow is clearly from an Ancient Oak tree, few of which remain today. The wood is rumored to be indestructible and since it cannot be shaved, all usable wood from the trees have to be carefully sculpted in place to grow the correct shape. If done properly, the process to make a bow takes around 10 years, but only about one in ten attempts gives a knot-free bow of proper shape. The runes are carefully placed on the wood by carefully blocking sunlight in certain areas of the growing wood, which slowly stains the wood in the symbol of a rune. When ready, the bow is carefully removed by magically cutting off the flow of sap to the branch, allowing it to fall naturally off the tree. Wood elves have historically blamed over-farming the Ancient Oaks for their wood as the primary reason that only a handful of trees remain.

    There are two stained elven scripts along the bow. In elven they read, "Lead from the front" and crudely, "No guts, no glory". The later was the name of the bow for quite some time, before someone saw Alithia wielding it, stating that it took True Courage to properly use the bow. The name has stuck ever since.

    Bow: +1. When the users HP drop to 50% of less of maximum, it becomes a +3 bow. At all times, melee attacks against it's wielder receive +1 to hit and damage.

    Kalthanar gives Kyricus the True Courage bow as well as the scroll for the legend lore spell. Kyricus enters the divination chamber as he did with Brandon. The first time he does so, he invokes the scroll, and attempts to activate the chamber, Kalthanar can’t see much come into focus, only glimpses of jumbled images. Kryicus emerges from the chamber and shakes his head. He apologizes, but recites the legend lore information: ‘Crafted for royalty, but flawed. This inherent flaw inspires courage for that willing to pay the price, elevating an unknown wood elf to the leader of nobles. For some, the price is eternal rest.’

    Kyricus offers to redo the spell on another attempt at no additional fee. Kalthanar comes back the next day, but again is unable to see the vision. A frustrated Kyricus emerges from the chamber, and asks for a day of rest before trying again.
    On the third try, Kalthanar watches as the vision takes form this time, starting with the making of the bow from the carefully shaped branch of the Ancient Oak tree. This passes in a blind as the vision begins to take shape around the time the Kyricus focused on.

    War rages all around the edge of the Etoile forest. The elves of Etoile and warriors of Mistmoor, lay dead by the hundreds. A quick glace across the battlefield shows Queen Alithia on the front lines, her regal stature is obvious and the Crown of Justice sits atop her head. She is surrounded by what remains of her Honor Guard – six warriors. The runes on True Courage flare to life as she bleeds from multiple wounds. She barely notices as she nocks arrows faster than Kalthanar had ever seen anyone do, firing them with deadly precision into what looks like an insurmountable wave of roughly fifty Mistmoor warriors, bearing the banner of the Dragon tribe. Those that get close are cut down by her ever shrinking Honor Guard.

    Inspired by Queen Alithia’s incredible leadership, the remaining elves rallied to her side. Kalthanar watches in fast motion as the elves surprisingly hold at great cost, leaving three of her Honor guard left alive, but they do force the Mistmoor forces to retreat and regroup.

    Kneeling down, Alithia checks on some of her fallen kinsmen. Kalthanar notes that Syndra and her twin Sekith stand near her, as does one more wood elf. All are wounded. Alithia looks to Sekith and says, “Rally the troops here. We need to spare as many injured as we can. We can’t hold this position any more.” Sekith nods.

    Alithia begins to drag one of the fallen and Syndra tells her, “My queen, you must go to the tent for healing. The others will handle him.” Kalthanar watches in fast motion as Syndra convinces Alithia to the tent.

    Once inside the tent, Alithia goes over to a map to look at retreat options. Kalthanar watches in horror as Syndra pretends to get her a healing potion but instead draws a bone handled dagger from inside her armor. It is over quickly, as Syndra easily plunge it into her neck, dropping the Queen to her knees. With one quick slash, it’s over.

    Syndra works quickly, securing both the bow and crown as Sekith comes to the tent entrance. He pauses at seeing the scene and says, “It’s done.”

    Syndra looks up and nods, “Yes, and I will be Queen, as the coin promised.”

    Sekith reaches into his pack and pulls out a replica crown of the Crown of Justice and lays it near Queen Alithia’s dead body. He looks down at the dead queen on the ground and says, “And my reward?”

    Syndra removes the amulet from the dead queen and hands it to him. “With this you will live forever.” Sekith nods and takes the amulet. He says, “As the coin promised.” The armor remains on the dead queen as the war horns of Mistmoor warriors are heard outside the tent.

    With that, the vision fades and a partially delusional Kyricus mostly stumbles out of the chamber. The effects of the room are wearing off, but he is clearly affected by the vision, as he’s deeply troubled and struggling to understand it, as Kalthanar is.

    Other items believed to be in the set include:
    amulet last known in Sekith's possession, armor (last known to be worn by the dead queen), and bracers. Bracers were believed to be given as a gift to Elantra Grovetender.


    Item set: Unknown

    Robes of Second Chance - At one time, these were standard issue robes that were given upon passing a test at one of the two major colleges. Standard issue robes are gray in color with little else. When donned by a wizard, sorcerer, or warlock that has passed their final test at the tower of High Sorcery, they blend to white, red, or black based on the alignment of the user. They are rumored to provide other benefits, but these are not known.

    These particular robes have been altered with runes engraved along it. Their full powers will not unlock until the wearer completes a test at one of the towers of High Sorcery. Until then, they are simply robes +1. They also turn bright orange when worn, alerting others that the wearer is presently practicing magic without full authorization from a college.


    Life Drinker Dagger

    Once wielded by Artemis, the origin and nature of this dagger remains a mystery. This item has runes traced on it that appear to be altered or corrupted. The blade itself is razor sharp and double edged. It is slightly longer than a standard dagger. While you know what it does now, it will take some research to determine what it's original purpose was, or why it was altered.

    +1 dagger; grants +2 to stealth if you have no other weapons on your person.
    sneak damage done with this dagger heals the the user the amount rolled for sneak attack (only).
    Killing someone with the dagger can *optionally* gains the user 3 permanent HP and shifts their alignment towards evil one mark (good ---> neutral ----> evil). Max HP total gained via this method is 15.

    Door to Nowhere - Brandon

    If anyone knows where this door went to, that knowledge has since been lost through time. Given to Brandon of the Sentinels by King Horton of the Burrows, he stated the door could only be opened once per week and led to "nowhere". He cautioned the group against putting anything alive in it since it could not be opened at will, and basic needs like food and air were unknowns.

    A simple doorknob that when pressed against a flat surface creates a door. The door leads to a small 5 foot high by 5 foot wide by 10 feet deep room of unknown origin. Stepping across the threshold gives you a slightly eerie feeling of being transported somewhere else. Identification reveals that the magic was clearly made by halflings and certainly had more significance than going "nowhere". The spell that seems to be active right now on the door is some form of teleport, and Vort senses that the teleport spell goes to another plane of existence.

    Brandon gives Kyricus the door knob as well as the material components for the legend lore spell. Kyricus then uses on the of the Tower doors to enter a small 10 foot room with many runes traced throughout the floor. The ceiling is painted with various constellations, but stresses the Gilean formation the most. He begins by casting Rary’s telepathic bond and has Bradon exit the small room. Through the vision of the spell, Brandon watches as Kyricus lights the incense and then produces a pipe that he lights and smokes. Brandon watches as Kyricus’s vision blurs under the influence of the divination chamber and the mind altering aroma of the pipe. Once ready, Kyricus casts legend lore on the doorknob.

    Brandon watches as the vision of the doorknob comes into creation, watching it held in an elderly halfling wizard’s small hand. This vision lasts less than a second before everything becomes a blur and time fastforwards. Brandon stares at a room that looks similar to one of the private studies of an elderly male halfling red robed scholar. The doorknob and corresponding door are open against one wall, with what looks to be full of spell components. A furious banging on the door is heard, and the halfling scribing at his desk jumps in his chair. He looks down at the ruined text and then up to the visitors that entered his room. A black robed human and a white robed gnome are there. The human speaks first, “Fucking elves are in the lobby. Your assurances that the elves wouldn’t attack a Tower were as hollow as your head, Jamison. We must defend the Tower!” The gnome replies hastily, “I can’t disagree that we have to defend it, but Shamix here wants to activate the orb!” The black robed Shamix sneers at the gnome and says, “Suit yourself. Know that I won’t be holding back to save the surrounding area though. The elves want a war. They got one.” With that, Shamix leaves. The gnome looks at Jamison with a pleading glance before Jamison nods. He rises from his chair and closes the door to his closet. With the door closed, the doorknob drops into his hand, which he deposits in a small bag. The gnome looks at him and says, “What are you doing?” Jamison says, “I don’t know. But we both know the orb has never been tested as Shamix demands.” He looks to a cage against the far wall, which houses an owl that looks at him inquisitively. Jamison opens the cage door to the owl, and wraps the bag around the talon of the bird. He then gently places the bird with its cargo onto his arm. He tells the gnome, “Veril, open the door to the roof.” The gnome complies concentrating before opening the door to the outside. Jamison tells the owl, “Fly, my friend. Stay safe.”

    The vision fades after that. The whole thing was probably less than 30 seconds, but gave good insight into the source of the disappearance of the Tower.

    Kyricus says, "For what it's worth, the legend lore spell revealed, 'A simple storage door. An afterthought or a critical forethought. The keyless knob could be the key to restoring something long lost.'"

    Shard of Seeing

    Once used by Matilda to enter into a pact with Lunitari, this cone shaped shard is a piece of the moon itself.

    By ramming it into your eye (forever blinding that eye), you can form a pact with Lunitari as a warlock, and the shard cannot be removed while you live. Benefits include a limited form of true sight as well as a limited ability to sense an aura of a person that is touched by the warlock. Disadvantage on ranged attack rolls and easily surprised due to the eye loss. Additional info gained when the pact is made. No benefit if not thrust into the eye.

    Planar focus - (currently inside the door to nowhere)

    This 250 lb black "birdbath" is pure black and appears to be constructed of pure lead. Found from the sorcerer Creathin and tucked away in his home in Portenfer, Predzar claimed it to be from Mistmoor at one time.

    Filling the basin with something of 100 GP in value (or more) will allow the user to cast contact outer plane up to once per day. Over a 1 hour period the item of value will be liquified as the basin slowly heats it. If the object can't be liquified (wood objects), nothing happens. The user must then pass the DC 15 Int save per the spell. Failing that does not consume the 100 GP ingredient, but passing it does consume the ingredient and allows the spell to cast. Psychic damage and insanity applies on a failed save, per the spell. This item takes 1 hour to commune if successful, even if the object is already liquified.

    Other liquids may be useable with research.

    Book of Golems

    Contains a ritual to casting blood golems, and possibly more. Although the book normally needs two 5th level spell slots, Creathin was somehow able to create blood golems without being able to cast 5th level spells. At this point, whatever knowledge is contained within is not understandable, leaving the cost, time, and challenges of the book unknown.

    Forgotten Charm

    Given to Rian by King Horton, this simple charm is activated by casting the spell, "find steed". If the user concentrates hard enough on a mount that he has killed previously in combat while wearing the charm, it can be recalled summoned as a mount for the character to ride into battle.

    After using it once without concentrating, Rian was transported to a dilapidated Colosseum with a single masked man in red royal garb and a crown upon his head. He told a tale of the charm once belonging to an order called the Legion of Light, which has long since been forgotten.

    Current creatures stored in it:

    White Robes of Solinari

    Given to Brandon by Vud, the strange 6 armed creature for completing his test, these robes have several powers.

    +2 to AC
    Current color: white to denote wizards of Solinari that have taken the "good" path.
    Ability given the color of the robes are white: once per day you can reroll any healing spell you cast, but have to accept the results of the reroll.

    You can upgrade robes over time if you find better ones attuned to the tower, but you are required to turn in the old robes since they essentially belong to someone else in "stasis".

    Mask of Cegilune

    Found on the dead hag at the Fort, this partial mask does not seem to be from this world. It is a partial gray theatrical mask that conceals part of the wearers face. It has several powers, and would have more if the follower devoted themselves to Cegilune.

    Gereric powers:
    Wearer sacrifices
    Charisma -2 (constant) while wearing obtain:
    See invisible (constant)
    The ability to prepare one additional spell per day that is available to your class. If the mask is removed, the prepared slot is lost.

    Can cast a form of teleportation circle if certain conditions are met. Once per hour, the circle can carry a total of up to 5 living people to a twin teleportation circle dedicated to Cegilune if three conditions are met:
    the sun is not up; a corpse of an intelligent creature (5 or higher) is brought as an offering for each person transported (excluding the mask wearer); each extra traveler ingests a small amount of blood of the offered creature.
    If the user is a follower of Cegilune, it can opt to drop it's charisma to 3 to obtain additional (unknown) benefits.

    Material from Beyond

    This is a strange, pure black material that no one in the group has ever seen before. It is cold to the touch, and seems to absorb the warmth from anyone that touches it for prolonged periods.

    When someone spends a long rest with this material, it becomes attuned to them. They can then shape this 10 lb of putty like material into any continuous (it cannot be separated) metal object that they can make out of up to 10 pounds of metal. A command word of "solidify" hardens the material into whatever shape it was molded into. If it is a weapon of 10 lb or less, it becomes a +1 weapon.

    It's shape can be changed once per day with a command word "sculpt" into something different, if the user wishes. It then keeps the new form for at least 24 hours before being able to be sculpted into something new.

    Lastly, if used as a weapon, and the user drops a target to zero HP, the target dies (no change for death save) and their life force is absorbed by the strange cold metal. The user should track kills obtained while using this weapon as the weapon may change over time.


    Last Rites

    Once a powerful great axe, this axe for some reason is now an ethereal version of its former self. Although still solid to the touch, it is semi-transparent. It has had numerous names over time, including Peacekeeper, The Defender and Last Rites. It hasn't been seen for probably 1000 years - long before the first Great Wars, meaning that Rodrick had liked passed. Numerous dwarven songs have dedicated to its battle prowess in some fashion. Last Rites is the most popular name, as it was once wielded by Reorx war priests. That name is now barely visible in runes etched on the ancient shaft.

    When wielded underground, it +2 greataxe. When not underground though, its magical properties fade to that of a standard greataxe (+0), but it it still counts as a magical weapon with regards to damaging certain creatures.

    Disc of Friendship

    This disc is a 10' silver and shiny, but otherwise mundane in nature. Turning it over, there are words etched into the disc on each side. On one side, the disc has strange runes that are a previously unseen language. The runes appear to be etched into the disc and are extremely clear and concise. The runes appear to have been in it since it was originally formed. Brandon finds that with some effort, he is strangely able to understand the runes. It appears to be a language based crudely on the language of magic. It is similar enough that he can somehow understand it, despite not being a wizard. After a few minutes of study he reads aloud, "A gift to the great dwarves of Gavant. May our people work together to achieve many mutual goals. Whatever you desire will be yours."

    On the other side, it becomes more difficult to read. The runes on this side are in dwarven, but seem to have been manually etched in some time after the disc was formed. On it, after careful study Vortigern is able to read "May the great Earthmaker line be protected from death." Of note, the word "Earthmaker" is incredibly faded. If Voritgern didn't know who it referenced, it is unlikely that he would be able to decipher the word.

    Powers: this appears to be some form of written wish spell that was used to try to protect the dwarven Earthmaker royal line. While the "wish" appears to be used, it still seems to be active, although possibly not functioning correctly. Two other things are very obvious from the disc: it's incredibly powerful. Wish spells are things of legends, and this one was obviously given as a gift. The other thing is that it isn't from this world.

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    First loot pile includes all of the following. This goes back to the night grove assault and the below ground temple

    1 hand crossbow
    2 light crossbows
    9 short bows
    1 long sword
    3 whips
    9 sets of leather armor (goblin size)
    7 sickles
    1110 copper, 525 silver, 106 gold, and 5 platinum
    4 gems all of fair size, a jade, emerald, opal, and ruby. Estimated total gem value of 1500 gold.

    chain shirt (elf/human size)
    dwarven sized chain mail
    battle axe
    ****frozen magical shield
    small sapphire
    25 gold and 50 silver total
    another small sapphire that the group believes to be worth maybe 100-200 gold
    a small onyx carving of a bride and groom: approx
    50 gold.
    Elvish wine bottle, but probably 50 gold.
    Rare bone dice - The dice value depends on what the bones are. Either nothing or something significant.
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    Rian's share of loot

    Current monetary treasure:

    51 gold
    184 silver
    10 copper

    carry over from start:
    21 gold
    3 silver

    Magical Long Sword
    Chain Mail
    30 gold
    191 silver
    30 copper

    10 silver to Rotbag
    20 copper to Rotbag
    5 days rations to Rotbag

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    2,301.35 gold

    460.27 each for 5 individuals

    NO value for dice or small sapphire.

    Quote Originally Posted by zebsen View Post
    First loot pile includes all of the following. This goes back to the night grove assault and the below ground temple

    1 hand crossbow
    2 light crossbows
    9 short bows
    1 long sword
    3 whips
    9 sets of leather armor (goblin size)
    7 sickles
    1110 copper, 525 silver, 106 gold, and 5 platinum
    4 gems all of fair size, a jade, emerald, opal, and ruby. Estimated total gem value of 1500 gold.

    chain shirt (elf/human size)
    dwarven sized chain mail
    battle axe
    ****frozen magical shield
    small sapphire
    25 gold and 50 silver total
    another small sapphire that the group believes to be worth maybe 100-200 gold
    a small onyx carving of a bride and groom: approx
    50 gold.
    Elvish wine bottle, but probably 50 gold.
    Rare bone dice - The dice value depends on what the bones are. Either nothing or something significant.

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    Rian's share of loot

    Rian's share of loot

    Current monetary treasure:

    30 pp
    29 gold

    9 silver
    15 copper

    carry over from grove/temple:
    51 gold
    184 silver
    10 copper

    Current items:
    Heaven's Wrath Long Sword

    Chain Mail
    Shield of the Dragon Slayer

    money acquired in Alliance
    396 gold; 5 copper

    Spent/sold items/donated:
    10 silver to Rotbag
    20 copper to Rotbag
    5 days rations to Rotbag
    50 gp heavy crossbow purchase
    1 gp crossbow bolts
    100 gold 2xpotion of healing
    3 gold to Murtaugh
    3pp to pay for a month's rent at the Good Knight Inn for his mother
    +22 gold 5 silver (studded leather armor)
    +25 gold (long bow)
    +1 gold (2 spears)
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    The note found in Uther's lockbox that looks like gibberish.

    At the bottom of the note is a symbol of 5 raised daggers. The significance of that is unclear.

    Grella, hid treasure from Artemis, under hollow tree upon our deities urn for we spy death comes to us in our sleep in burning Alliance. During a deadly battle was hidden but unsure if able Yelek and Vlad failed to hide before Owl could secure. The main thing that a friendly face finds a few enemies but locks need key or they are useless. Books why not try running from the big bugbears that the evil woman conjured? The library is run by Grella. She and I may have hid magic items along with them in Sheila’s little home in the midst of all the Turmoil in Alliance the cemetery beckons. Allysa’s bow is in her hand which causes the Pathfinders to flee the tomb that we discussed earlier of finding the spy in Vlad’s jail to that useless wife. Before he gets to Uther.

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    Items brought back from the Burial Mound aka Owl's Warehouse

    25lbs of Mithral -- 20lbs used towards 2 breastplates; 1 for Kalthanar and 1 for Vortigern

    1240 silver
    -480 gold
    -35 platinum
    1 breastplate bearing the symbol of Alliance (from boss) -- Given back as goodwill
    An exquisite painting depicting Alliance (150 gold) -- NEED TO SELL or put into new HQ.
    A small jewel crusted “egg” (500 gold) -- SELL
    A quiver with 5 arrows that are obvious high quality (+1)* -- Kalthanar wants these
    Flamequench -- Rian has claimed this?
    An odd skull of a three eyed dog-like creature. It clearly has a cavity for a third eye. This was found in the chieftain’s chest. -- Vort interested in this
    Magic belt
    -- Brandon has claimed this

    One magic book;
    Kalthanar has claimed this
    3 other books--
    needs researching


    Breakdown of shares:
    190.8gp each from currency alone.
    We need to decide what to do with the painting and egg.
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    Am I correct in stating that Brandon's share of the loot so far is roughly 650 gold pieces and the Belt of the True Blood? Trying to figure out how much I have saved up on our adventures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    Am I correct in stating that Brandon's share of the loot so far is roughly 650 gold pieces and the Belt of the True Blood? Trying to figure out how much I have saved up on our adventures.
    So far: 651.07gp

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    Thank you, Luopo. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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