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Thread: Into the Deep

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    Leo nods along thoughtfully with Aeges' findings and then at Gunnar and Koloth's thoughts.

    "We need to rescue at least one other, correct? Maybe we can get answers or if this one holds some weight in here... his head might make the others back off?" Leo ponders out loud, hoping this might appease the half-orc.

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    "Well, we can stand here and discuss the situation, or we can go talk to him," Ty comments. "Anyone who wants to talk to him, follow me." And the young elven sorcerer leads the way into the goblin's chamber.

    "Hello," he says politely. "May we ask you a few questions?"

    Ty isn't stupid. He knows the goblin will probably just attack him. But then Ty won't feel bad about killing the little beastie.

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    Leo follows close behind Ty, eager for this to go well, but ready in case it does not.

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    The old goblin flinches at the sound of Ty's voice. He quickly turns to see the elf and, on instinct, his hands tighten around the grip of the small blade he is sharpening. "What kind of questions?" he asks, as his eyes bounce from Ty to Leo, then to the rest of you.

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