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Thread: Discord PbP: Pendragon- Peers of the Young King

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    Default Discord PbP: Pendragon- Peers of the Young King

    The year is 495 AD.

    Having trained your whole life for the opportunity to serve Briton, you and your allies are 21-year-old knights currently in the court and company of King Lot of Orkley and his wife Morgause. You and your kinsmen practice swordsplay, horseback riding, and other arts of war while your parents are abroad either keeping the manors running or fighting Saxons besides Uther Pendragon. All of you work furiously to prepare in time for your call to battle. Sir Kay is your mentor, and though he’s a bit closer to Lot or Morgause in age, he takes up the role of older brother amidst the group. He’s always striving to drive you all to greatness, even if he isn't the most civil about it. His squire and sibling, Arthur, will finally become a knight of his own with all of you. As the blood son of King Uther Pendragon, Arthur will likely gain opportunities his adoptive brother does not.

    While the Orkley knights are resting and recovering from injury after a year of battle against the Saxons and training your group, news has just come back. Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father, has recently claimed a victory at Saint Albans. After a grueling campaign against the rebellious Saxon lords Octa and Eosa, you and your families will be reunited just in time for the feast and knightings. The timing couldn’t be better. With the noble princeling on the verge of becoming a knight in his own right, you’ll be able to experience great adventure beside him. Finally, you can take your place on the front lines, earning glory for your families and for Briton against the hated Saxons. There’s also the slim chance that you could draw the magical Victorious Sword from the anvil after Lot or Uther knights you, making you the rightful sovereign of the whole isle. Imagine that.

    Right now, however, you’ve got a hunt to go on. Sir Kay intends to test your skills against a strange beast he’s heard reported in a local forest that terrorizes and kills merchants that pass nearby. Even a feral bear is no match for you and your compatriots, surely. But first, he needs to pick a leader for the expedition, and that means sparring. Who among you is skilled enough to lead your group to slay this beast?

    Campaign – Peers of the Young King
    System – Pendragon 5.1E (5th edition book is sufficient), altered leveling system
    Location - Discord (Private Server) - (Does not expire)
    Method - On-going PbP, rolls in Discord. No specified check-in times, just ongoing.
    Preferred Frequency – Twice a week at minimum. As usual, real life comes first of course, for both the DM and the PCs. Mutual notifications of extended absences are respectfully requested and will be offered. Lack of posting will get a message, then autopilot, then grisly death. This Is Pendragon, so it’ll be good and gory.
    Number of Players - 4-6 (Some applications have already been accepted, but I may accept more than this amount if enough interest is given.)

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    This one's been quiet for a week, so it'll be closed now, but I hope you got some good replies on the Discord recruitment.


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