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Thread: Chapter 1.3: A Boy and his Dog

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    After a fitful night of sleep, Vortigern went to go see Grela--he has a line of inquiry he needed to state before he forgot what he was thinking.

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    Grela is at her manor on the south side of town - a quaint stone house on the south side of town. The mayor's manor rotates to whomever is appointed, and since Grela is the first non-human mayor, the house is obviously not designed with dwarves in mind. The windows are too tall for a dwarf to see out of, the door is oversized, and the decor is all wrong. Regardless, home is home, and this is where Grela resides after winning office. Two human guards stand at the door with spears and leather armor looking quite bored. They recognize Vortigern from previous visits and immediately snap to attention. One knocks on the door, announcing the visitor. After a quick verbal exchange, the guard ushers Vortigern into the mayor's house, where Grela stands placing on some earrings. She is dressed exquisitely as usual, in a shimmering emerald dress that is probably best suited for formal dancing. She looks stunning (for a dwarf), and frowns slightly at seeing Vortigern. She motions the guards to close the door and then asks, "What's on your mind Vortigern? Not having second thoughts, I hope?"

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    Vortigern motions for her to move farther away from the door and then whispers, "Nay fair lass, but I've got something burning in my brain and it's a not an earwig." Looking about, Vortigern scans the room to see if there are any peepholes or such that could be listening in on them, "Mi'lady Mayor, you say you trust Jarkel completely, I don't doubt this. I'm sure others know this too--which is why they killed his superior. Not to get to him, but to put suspicion on him to have him replaced as someone that works closely to you. If Jarkel were to be replaced, who would be his replacement? That person is the one that may lead to whoever is trying to bring Alliance down, by getting closer to you and working from the inside."

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    Grela frowns and moves away from the door. She frowns, following his logic. She can't disagree with some of his thoughts, and says, "I don't know who would replace Jarkel... possibly Sheila, but the pickings are slim. We have a handful of acolytes in training that have gained minor favor with Gilean at best. It's possible that someone wants to displace Jarkel and put someone - Sheila perhaps - in his place. Doing so could either implicate Sheila... or possibly just further weaken the church. Regardless, I doubt that Jarkel will be caught unprepared. He barely leaves his room at this point, and he mostly just stares at his food. I suspect I would too if my predecessor had been poisoned."

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    "This Sheila, can she be trusted? No skeletons in her closet that could be used against her?"

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    Grela shrugs and says, "None that I know of. She's a pleasant enough gnome acolyte of Gilean. Probably a bit more personality than what is generally found in the standard bookworm that Gilean eventually turns all his priests into."

    She flashes a smile at Vortigern and says, "I know that you're concerned about things. I am as well. You have every right to be suspicious given what I've told you. I can't well have the rest of the city leaders arrested though on suspicion of... one of them plotting against the city. I assure you though that I know of nothing suspicious about her. Owl or Creathin on the other hand, I would likely enjoy throwing into jail if you could just give me a semi-good reason..."

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    Vortigern nods, "Say, this place, Alliance, it wasn't built on top of some ancient burial grounds, right?"

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    Default Chapter 1.3: A Boy and his Dog

    Grela says, "Not that we know of. There were lots of battles all around this area but nothing under here."

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    "I just have to wonder," Vortigern surmises, putting his thinking cap on--which was an actual cap, more like a beanie, reddish-orange in color, as he thought really hard, "Who does it benefit to see Alliance fail? Our cousins, the dwarves of Rhagmur; the elves of faerie-land, or the humans who don't seem to much be affected by this."

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    Grela stares at the odd cap worn by Vortigern, perhaps missing the meaning of it. She carefully sits down in an over-sized chair in the living room that is designed for humans. She comments, "There are many ways to look at what the various races get out of Alliance. All parties benefit from trade with and through us, although everyone could likely live without it at the cost of a lower standard of living if forced to. I don't have a crystal ball, but I don't think any nation would willingly turn their back on us and not consider re-establishing trade if given the option. And although I won't admit it, that thought troubles me even more. Our city is the smallest in size of all the kingdoms, and likely the most vulnerable. I could speculate for hours, but I don't believe that any kingdom wants Alliance to fail. I've met with all of their leaders. Owl's dealings are sometimes narrow-minded on trade, but all leaders seemed genuinely interested in increasing trade and open to various cultural and work partnerships. In short, I don't think the other kingdoms are responsible for this, and that's what troubles me the most."

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