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Thread: Team Alabaster: Whispers in the attic.

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    Elsa Tarolandashe
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    As he becomes keenly aware of the potential army of little creatures in the darkness around him as Clara flails about, Tarsus holds his shield close and tight. "Run," he hisses over his shoulder as he narrowly evades a potentially deadly blow. "We cannot defeat her this way."

    "What about Snikt?" Elsa asks, relief in her voice.

    "He's gone, and if you go any slower you will be, too!" Sarvine snaps. The tiefling is already running for the door.

    As Tarsus fills in the space left by his two companions, his focus on the fight fades, and he allows the larger picture in. "Clara!" he calls as she hesitates. "They will come again, and they will destroy you. Seek us out at the citadel. Find Eris Calhoun!" He doesn't wait for her reaction, and high-tails it outside.

    Defeated, the trio head back to their headquarters with an unfavorable report to Calhoun in hand.

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