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    Default Character descriptions

    Post your PC descriptions here.

    -Kalute gnome rogue level 2, wizard level 3 (Owl contact) (retired)

    -Rian half-elf paladin level 10 (Griffin contact)
    -Vortigern dwarven cleric level 10 (Grela contact)
    -Brandon human sorcerer level 10 (Jarkel contact)
    -Kalthanar elven fighter level 5/level 5 rogue (Alyssa contact)
    -Hrogthgar human warrior level 6/barbarian level 4 (Mistmoor contact)

    Total experience awarded to date (6/26/20) through the return of the Tower/Lunitari:

    2500 for returning the Tower to the Burrows
    Approximately 14300 for Tower monster exp
    3000 (3333) experience for returning Lunitari
    3000 (3810) experience for returning Reorx
    1000 (1270) experience for stabilizing Rhagmur
    3150 combat experience for fully taking fort
    2900 experience for clearing fort/reuniting Xanthar
    5975 Combat experience (through Creathin battle)
    1000 combat experience for taking the fort
    250 Stopping poison of the grove

    500 Solving Cypher's murder
    1000 Uncloaking the face ripper
    250 Reclaiming the warehouse
    250 Uncovering what happened to the armor of Alliance
    2000 Saving the Burrows
    3000 Returning Branchala
    750 clearing second warehouse and rescuing Zebsen
    1000 recovering the dented circlet
    2000 (500 exp per Pathfinder rescued)
    1000 recovering the heart/securing allies
    3000 Returning Sirrion

    Exp totals through Tower return:

    Vort 71974

    Rian 71974
    Hrothgar 64474
    Kalute 9027
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    Rian stands tall, over six feet tall. He is well-muscled, but could clearly grow into his frame. The half-elf has a thin angular face, bright blue eyes. His skin is pale, almost sickly white. He has curly white hair.

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    Brandon is of average build. Standing five feet, nine inches, and 175 pounds, his frame can best be defined as "toned." He wears simple clothing designed for comfort rather than protection, and his well-worn boots belie his meandering demeanor. He has hazel eyes, and short grey-ish hair offset by light-tan skin.

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  4. Default Kalthanar Elanthil

    Kalthanar stands a lean six feet tall. His appearance and height mark him as a high elf. He usually wears his hair in a topknot.



    Kalthanar Skyrim.png
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    Reed Clearwater
    Male Half-Elf, Hexblade Warlock 1
    AC: 16 | HP: 8/8 | Passive Perception/Insight: 13/11 | Init: +2 | Speed: 30 ft. ground
    Str. 11 (+0) | Dex. 14 (+2) | Con. 15 (+2) | Int. 12 (+1) | Wis. 13 (+1) | Cha. 17 (+3)

    "These are the words of a nightmare-afflicted halfbreed". If he had anything to say, which would be only after much introspection, it would be registered thus. His thoughts, on the other hand, would be registered thus.

    And if the fates were to decide that he needed to roll a die, it would look something like this: [*roll="HIS ROLL DESCRIPTION"]1d20+0[/roll]

    Reed is 5' 11", 160-odd pounds, with a boyish look and a friendly smile. His auburn hair is worn about four inches long, and is always slightly unkempt, which serves Reed well to cover his pointy ears. He has a reddish beard cropped short, green eyes, and a pleasant demeanor. His muscles are not bulgy, but his movements are quick and precise, and his health is quite good due to the rigours of hard work.

    Anyone living in Alliance for long has seen him at the Good Knight Inn or the adjoining tavern, either behind the bar, helping Yelek in the kitchen, or serving tables when the place is full. Most of those who meet him find him quite likeable, but he is not known for his prowess with arms, his arcane skills, nor his theoretical or practical knowledge. So, the question is, what can he contribute to an adventuring party then?
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    They say dwarves all look alike, even the female ones--sterotypes start somewhere and there's a little truth in it, but from one dwarf to another, we're all as different as the stone we work and the ale we drink. Vortigern, like most of his kind, doesn't mince words and speaks from his heart, probably cause he's been hit in the head too many times and lacks proper reasoning and logic skills. But whats he's lost in book smarts, he's made up with the wisdom of the ages. All you need is big faith and a bigger weapon.

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    Kalute is of average size for a gnome, standing a shade over three feet tall and weighing in around forty pounds. He shaves his head to focus his grooming on an immaculate red, forked beard. He typically wears leather workman’s clothes for his day job as one of Owl’s shipping clerks, with a leather topcoat and hat for inclimate weather.

    Kalute is grumpy and somewhat disagreeable. Most of this disposition is created by what he sees as the unfairness of having been born poor. He perceives most other people as being generally stupid and unbearable. However stupidity could be manipulated and Kalute is quick to take advantage of any opportunity to dupe the unwitting.
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    Default Hrothgar

    A Mighty Warrior of the Bear Clan of Mistmoor. His build is intimidating to say the least. He wields a Glaive like its an extension of his own body.
    (It should be noted that the Avg Tribesman is typically 5'5" to 5'7" - and Lean... muscled... but lean.... Hrothgar is slightly taller... and is built like a tank)

    In appearance, he is young, but his skin is weathered from years spent in the elements. He travels in basic travelling clothes, some furs, typical clothing of the Mountain people, but is unarmored. Long black hair which has been banded to stay out of his eyes. He also has tattoos, tribal in nature, they flow down his arms. On his Left pectoral there is a tattoo that looks like a Roaring Bear, that has been styled into a bear claw. On his right forearm is a tattoo of rich hues of yellow/orange/red. They look like flames upon the skin, even appearing to almost be moving as if burning still. This is what appeared on his skin after receiving the blessing of Sirrion's "strength". It is a truly unique tattoo.

    He is usually a quiet observer of events, and tactical thinker... however his experience of war is from a Tribal nature. Where Guerilla warfare works best. Although having 100 Warriors at you back, allows for Brute strength attacks as well. .... However when he fights, he throws himself at his enemies with wild abandon.... the blood haze of a Rager is a glory to behold.

    Age 21
    Height 5'10" - (EDIT Fixed Height.... he is still under 6 foot - but I had fudged it on the first copy... and forgotten to change it)
    Weight 220lbs - Well toned, muscled... Strong.
    Black Hair - Long -quite long, but braided and banded with Gold bands to keep it out of the way.
    Brown Eyes.

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