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    Default Timeline of general recent events

    267 Year

    March 10: Cypher, the high priest of Gilean was murdered in the church.

    March 14: a pack of blighted wolves are spotted off east wall by some of the city's rangers.

    March 16: 3 dead cattle at Faybern's farm (inside city walls). No obvious wounds, but just dead, and left in the field.

    March 18: The Wizard Tower is ransacked while it's inhabitants are at the school for the day.

    April 1: after a mild winter, spring comes into bloom in Alliance

    April 10: the last caravan arrived from Rhagmur

    April 13: the last caravan arrived from Etoile

    May 1: spring is in full bloom with flowers everywhere and harvest season starting

    May 4: 2 night watchmen on north wall were murdered.

    May 28: the last caravan from Xanthar arrives.

    June 1: the last caravan arrived in Therris from Mistmoor/The Burrows.

    June 7: The Pathfinders depart Alliance out the north wall

    June 10: 2 horses from the Pathfinders are rumored to be seen riderless on the south wall

    June 11: The start of the story. 6 people are summoned to the church of Gilean late at night to meet with the mayor and Jarkel.
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    The group of 6 adventurers meets at midnight at the temple of Gilean. The mayor, Grela, and the priest of Gilean, Jarkel, ask for covert assistance with reestablishing trade contact with the various cities and finding the Pathfinders. Grela believes that there is a spy on the council that is aiding the enemy. Jarkel states that he is offering a magical ring reward to anyone that can find out who killed Cypher, the former high priest of Gilean that appeared to be poisoned months ago.

    The group agrees to help. The following night, under the cover of darkness, they leave the city by a hidden tunnel under the wall to the north. As daylight approaches, they reach a grove several miles outside the city limits. The grove is divided into two parts – a beautiful flower grove to the west of the road primarily for weddings and other major events and an exotic herb garden to the east of the road. The grove is tended by a married couple that are two of the few brave enough to live outside of the city walls – Kedrick and Nathalie. After talking with the couple, it becomes obvious that Nathalie is a druid of Habbakuk. After some investigation, it appears that the exotic herb garden is being poisoned at night. The group agrees to wait until nightfall and investigate.

    That night, the group intercepts and kills ~8 goblins of the Burning Spears tribe trying to poison the grove. One in particular seemed enhanced physically but had severe sores all over his body. The next morning, they followed the tracks back to their source – a concealed hole in the ground south of the flower grove.

    They entered the hole and found a small shrine built to Morgion, the god of disease. More goblins were encountered as well as Master Trimwell, the diseased dwarven priest to Morgion. Trimwell commanded a diseased (smaller) variant of a carrion crawler as well. With some aid from the druid in the form of magical honeycombs, the group killed Master Trimwell and the other diseased followers.

    They found 3 prisoners. One was a starved dead ranger with a dried corsage on him. One was a burnt smaller humanoid that contained a concealed key to a bank lockbox at the bank in Alliance. The last was a goblin prisoner, Rotbag, from the Coming Storm tribe, which is different than that of the other goblins. The group freed Rotbag who explained that the goblins would drink the poisoned secretion of the carrion crawler. Most died, but those that did not became stronger and diseased. Their primary goal was stealing sage’s breath, rainbow tears, and witch’s brew, while poisoning dragon fruit and basilisk tongue. Vortigern’s insight into some research notes deduced that Trimwell was primarily tainting sage’s breath and sending it to some storage area to the north of the grove. The purpose of why it was tainted wasn’t clear, but after some additional research it appears that Trimwell was using his own body as some kind of testing agent for the correct amount of poison. The tainted sage's breath herbs were indistinguishable from standard herbs and were used by dwarves as part of a brewing process. The other 2 herbs were transported into the caverns below, for unknown purposes. Trimwell had collapsed the cavern though when the goblins didn’t return the previous day. Vortigern also took Trimwell’s diary and a magical shield from the loot pile. Trimwell’s crest was later revealed to be that of the Redbeard clan. Trimwell stated something about the priestess Leressa, which Rian knew to be his own half-sister and evil priestess of Morgion.

    With the problems of the grove being poisoned behind them, the druid Nathalie revealed that Yelek may be the source of poisoning Cypher with the skin of an Ironskin plant. Yelek was the main purchaser of Ironskin plant - a mood enhancer used at the Inn. If he was responsible, Yelek's poisoning would not have been an accident since one would have to go to great lengths to turn the skin of the exotic herb poisonous - lengths that Yelek would know to avoid.

    The group returned to Alliance and regrouped with Jarkel and Grela. After some discussion, they believed the key to the lockbox belonged to Yelek and opted to try to open it the following day. When the time approached, Rian persuaded the bank teller to open Yelek's lockbox, but it turned out that the key did not fit his box. After some searching, the key belonged to Sheila, the gnome acolyte of Gilean. As the group raced to deal with what they believed to be a shapeshifter, they noticed a message for Sheila in the clouds that her cover was blown and to seek a new identity. Clearly someone with magical influence was warning Sheila.

    The group found the shapeshifter trying to assume a new form of a halfling, Benson, and stopped it before it could completely transform. The creature assumed new identities by killing and removing the face of its victims, which it magically places on its head to assume a new identity. They opted not to kill the creature though, and moved it to jail.

    Meanwhile Creathin made his move and cast a lightning bolt at Grela and either disappeared or teleported away. She would have died if not for the healing magic of Brandon and later Vortigern to save her. In the confusion, Kalute robbed the bank of the contents of Sheila's lockbox, while Creathin also made off with Hagar's lockbox. Hagar had removed whatever he had of value in the lockbox though after a warning from Owl after the failed attempted break-in recently. Hagar revealed that at the end of the third Great War, he had looted a souvenir from the High Priestess of Takhisis - a circlet that she had worn on her head. The circlet was badly damaged by his attack, and he did not know its purpose.

    Vortigern confronted Yelek about the poisoning of Cypher and his lack of limp. Yelek eventually confessed to being tricked by Hker, a traveling priest of Hiddukel (the prince of lies) into taking a magical coin to perform 3 services in exchange for relief from his limp. The first was to aid in the poisoning of someone, which turned out to be Cypher. Yelek did not administer the poison, only crafted it, and he believes that Creathin actually delivered the poison to Cypher. The second task was to find out when a demi-human was heading outside of Alliance, which ended up being Sheila. The third and final task was to place the cursed coin of Hiddukel's likeness in the pack of one of the Pathfinders before they departed Alliance. Yelek sounded remorseful, but was arrested as an accessory to murder while Grela tried to figure out what to do next. Jarkel awarded Cypher's old ring to the group for successfully unmasking Cypher's killer. The paladin Rian also knew of Hyker, the priest of Hiddukel, as that is his father.

    The head ranger, Alyssa, revealed that about a month ago, she had a secret nighttime wedding at the grove. Sheila had conducted the ceremony and Limon had attended. She believes in hindsight that they were ambushed by the goblins on the way back, and that is when Sheila was impersonated, and how she ended up in the cage in Morgion's underground shrine.

    Watching his stepfather arrested, Reed decided that he was needed more in Alliance than as an adventurer. The group would be continuing on without aid of the hexblade.

    Kalute revealed that the note with the slotted pyramid in Sheila's lockbox stated that it was a relic passed down for generations and was somehow related to Windale. It does not detect as magical or identify as anything.
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    The shapeshifter in the form of Benson the halfling and Yelek were both imprisoned for their crimes. The halfling community didn't like seeing two halflings imprisoned and overall hasn't been warm to the Sentinels since this happened.

    Trimwell's diary revealed that he was once a Redbeard clan member that became disillusioned with paying for some past clan transgression. After encountering Laressa and Hyker as a caravan guard, the priestess of Morgion slowly turned him away from the dwarves and fixated him on revenge. He indicated that he used his own body as a test for various poisons, probably due to the challenges involved with dwarves natural resistance to poison. He indicated that the poison he developed didn't kill. The journal also revealed that Hyker typically had a residence at the diseased tower in Etoile, while Laressa was typically found somewhere in Mistmoor. The group knows that he was primarily experimenting with sage's breath on himself and transporting it north. It primary use is in brewing by the dwarves. Trimwell's tainting of the herbs left it indistinguishable to standard herbs. To taint the herbs, he was soaking them in the bile of the strange carrion crawler in his shrine.

    The group went to the warehouse disguised as a burial mound north of the druid's grove where the tainted sage's breath was being taken to. The fought and killed several bugbears, including their diseased leader and some large wolve-like creatures. A rogue, Uther, escaped the mound though after causing some mayhem during the battle. The group found the tainted sage's breath and about 25 pieces of assorted armor from Alliance. Owl later revealed that he had somehow obtained the armor and sold it, while ordering replacement new armor. The replacement armor was being guarded by Artemis and Uther and coming from Rhagmur, but never arrived in Alliance. It was the first missing caravan. Rian also obtained a magical flaming sword that is part of the same Dragonslayer set as the shield. Both the shield and sword came from diseased followers of Morgion.

    The group deciphered a coded message that led them to several books being stored by a spy in Alliance in Vlad's wife's tomb. One book was a magical book that allowed Kalthanar to train himself in survival before losing it's benefits. Kalute was also able to pick a lock of a very involved safe in the burial mound/warehouse that contained one 25 lb ingot of mithril. Hagar indicated that mithril is extremely rare and mostly controlled by duergar.

    Questioning Benson, they magically induced him to reveal that he believes the Burrows was poisoned weeks ago, and that Trimwell planned on getting revenge on the dwarves of Rhagmur by poisioning them as well.
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