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Thread: A Military Special Forces Game

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    Default A Military Special Forces Game

    Need a break from knights and wizards? How about something gritty? Something without magic and special powers? How about something modern?*
    Well, I'm looking for up to six victims players to join me in a game of military special forces action in a heavy jungle environment.

    *Almost. It'll be set in the 1980s.

    The rules system is very simple and very learn-as-you-go, so anyone is welcome to apply. Each player will need to take on one of the roles of the special forces team.

    And that's it. Submit apps right here in a post. And feel free to ask questions, too. But do hurry. Because of the way the Roles and Skills are set up, it's first come, first served this time.

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    BMR reporting for duty as a Team Member.

    Skill specialties: Medic, Animal Expert

    Name: Kevin "Doc" McLoughlin

    Mechanical Core: 2 "Cautious"

    • Field medic kit - Contains everything needed to patch people up in the field up to and including performing minor surgery
    • Cool under fire - Willing to go out into gunfire in order to bring back the wounded without once drawing a weapon
    • Fionn - A combat trained Belgian Malinois

    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 193 lbs
    Hair: Red
    Eye: Brown
    Skin: Fair
    Place of Birth: Ennis, Ireland
    Age: 38
    Personality: "Doc" is a quiet and reserved individual. He prefers the company of animals to people, and originally wanted to be a rural doctor working on his family's farm. Life took him in a different direction though, and instead of patching up cuts and bruises from farmwork, he's taking care of gunshot wounds and explosive burns. He's brought some of his knowledge about animals with him, along with the training needed to handle animals like attack dogs and the sort. Because of his nature, he can be quite rude and abrasive, but is always quick to apologize for his words. As harsh as he is towards others, he is much more harsh towards himself, and is filled with a great dislike for having to take up a weapon, but an equal sense of duty towards his fellows to help see them through things.

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    Major Ian NMI Kell
    Team Leader
    Core Stat 3 Quiet and “Focused”
    5’10” and 209 lbs, Fair skinned, Blondish.

    Gear: Suppresed Assault Rifle (Silencers only work in the movies and on TV), Multiple knifes (From tangos that can cut through steel to the spring loaded ones that shoot the blade out to throwing knives) and a battered rosary, which he uses to pray before action and otherwise...

    Kell is an old timer, soldier before GI Bill then back to the fatigues. Been divorced nearly three times now. Trained martial artist, sniper, into his forties and trains hard to keep up with the young bucks. Cool under fire but anxious around explosives. Stopped drinking recently because his daughter asked him to do so. Fact he has stayed with the wagon is only reason his wife and their son hasn’t left. Daughter is from first marriage and her mom is cousin of the sergeant major.

    Quitting the sauce kept him from being discharged though he doesn’t know that. CO had no issue with him once deployed but the drink8ng and the lack of action when back home caused enough problems that the calculation of field Kell vs Home Kell was being weighed. First wife gave him the rosary before his first deployment and he has kept count of how many men he has killed and lost al9ng with whether he has said the Hail Marys from the rosary for each of them. He is still behind on the count...

    EDIT: Up Close Combat Specialist and Communications (Or should I take Stealth?)
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    Name: John William Parker, called "Professor"
    Role: Team Member
    Skills: Sniper, Stealth
    Mechanical Core: 2 "Ghost-like"
    Equipment/Traits: sniper rifle, ghillie suit, eiditic memory

    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 191 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Tanned

    Age: 28
    Place of Birth: Houston, TX

    Personality: John is definitely the strong, silent type. He drinks less than most of his teammates, rarely gambles, and loves to read; he remembers everything he reads, and often talks about obscure subjects. He is known for being a good listener who offers wise advice, and for keeping other people's secrets. He has his own belief system (religion) that formed out of Christian, pagan, and Native American teachings.

    Background: John was born in Houston, Texas; his father was one-quarter Comanche and his mother was Caucasian. When his parents died in a car accident, eight-year-old John went to live with his paternal grandfather in Oklahoma, where he learned the Comanche language and his family history. He enlisted right after high school, and has been in the military ever since.
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    Name: Matilda "Tilly" Felicity Barrison
    Role: Team Member
    Skills: Explosives Expert, Heavy Gunner
    Mechanical Core: 6 "Let's Blow S**t Up Already!!"
    -M240 and Sawn-Off Winchester 1887: Weapons of Choice
    -Bag of Presents (C4, plastic explosive, flash, smoke... basically, you don't want her going up in flames)
    -Vehicular Commandeering: from tanks to helicopters to a couple boats, she can probably drive it to a degree

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 213 lbs.
    Hair: Orange
    Eyes: Steel-Blue
    Skin: Caucasian

    Age: 26
    Place of Birth: Wichita, KS

    Personality: With a name like Matilda, you might expect someone boisterous, and you'd be entirely correct. Hot-headed and muscular, she gets into every contest of skill among her peers that she can. She arm-wrestles for fun, drinks, and has a good time. That said, her discipline is second to none, and she has strict regards for fitness regimen, to keep her body in top shape. If you have a cramp during a shootout, it's your life. She's the person who always has your back in a fight, and keeps attention so that others can do their thing, and her weapon of choice is her own two hands... though she can pick up any piece of rebar, concrete, knife, bat, crowbar, or et cetera, and make someone suffer for it.

    Background: Born in the country, but raised in New York City, Matilda was a scrapper in school and on the streets. Arrested for street fighting and related charges as a teenager, she dropped out of High School, staying home full-time to take care of an ailing father along with her mother. When he died, something changed: she got her G.E.D. at 17, and did what she could to get enrolled in the military, following in his footsteps and making her mother proud. Eventually, she was recruited for special forces due to outstanding performance and her demolitions genius, able to do the complicated equations straight in her head for what would fall and what would stay up. She also managed to hotwire a tank, and recruitment seemed a better use of her talents than a court martial.
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    Name: Luke 'Lake' Granger, senior chief petty officer US navy SEAL
    Skills: Tracking & Trapping
    Role: special; pathfinder and reconnaissance expert temporarily attached to Special Forces
    Core: 4 Consumate professional
    Equipment and traits:
    - Point man: Lake is a thoroughly trained point man, leading the way and never missing anything that may present a threat be it tracks, ambush sites or boobytraps.
    - He could shoot before he could walk: Lake's marksmanship is widely known and he handles his firearms like they were his own hands.
    - M14 DMR: it's a little old school but Lake still swears by his father's wood stocked dmr.

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 200lbs
    Age: 31
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Place of birth: Powderville MT

    Lake was born way out in the middle of nowhere Montana to an absent father and a borderline survivalist mother. His dad was an army man and the short times he got to see and spend time with him was spent hunting and camping. Homeschooled by his mom he didn't have many friends and grew to prefer the great outdoors to sheltered civilian life. When news of his father's death reached him he mourned deeply. They hadn't been close but he had admired and respected the man greatly.
    When he was old enough he tried working for a living with mining outfits and logging companies but he never really felt at home. So he joined the navy. He never was sure why he picked the navy over the army. Broadening horizons perhaps? He enlisted and never looked back. No wife, girlfriend, friends or family to speak of; his fellow soldiers are his family.
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    Default A Military Special Forces Game

    Name: Willy "Wire" Watkins. Not only is he good with wires, he looks like one too.
    Role: Team Member
    Skills: Mechanics, Tech Expert
    Mechanical Core: 3 "Casual"
    Equipment/Traits: Mechanical Mind: For reasons he can't explain, Willy can see any man made contraption and understand how it runs. No matter how complicated the contraption, to him it all just makes sense. ,
    Modified Swiss Army Knife: Throughout his years of tinkering, Willy had modified a swiss army knife to have every tool he could possibly think of.
    Pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes: His self-declared lucky charm, he always had one hanging from the corner of his mouth when he worked.

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: White

    Age: 28
    Place of Birth: Richmond, CA

    Personality: Willy's cheerful, nonchalant attitude and steel nerve is the result of a thick skin he developed through years of being the little guy. He approached every situation with a casual attitude and calm that threw many people off. How one could crack a joke under heavy fire in enemy territory many people couldn't understand, but to Willy always managed to think of something. While his lack of seriousness sometimes caused problems, his skill was usually enough to get him by.
    Background: Willy was born and raised in the Bay Area, his parents having come out west to help with the war effort. He grew up around the old shipyards and factories, spending most of his free time tinkering with machines. Despite his struggles to pay attention in school, his natural brilliance with whatever contraption or computer appeared in front of him had caught the eye of an admissions man for MIT. Reluctant to have to continue schooling, but eager for access to all the newest technology the university had to offer, that's exactly where he was headed. The government had other plans, though, and he was drafted before he could start. He initially struggled with military life, as his wiry frame made him the butt of many jokes, and disdain for bureaucracy made him very few friends with the brass. That continued, until they discovered not only how good he was at not only fixing seemingly destroyed equipment, but creating gadgets that could tackle nearly any task. Whether it was a super magnified sniper scope or a hole the size of a football in the hull of a heli, Willy could always be counted on.
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    Name: Yann "Chatterbox" Arnaud
    Role: Special
    Communications, Heavy Gunner
    Mechanical Core:
    5 "Loud Mouth"
    -M2 Browning "Vieux Fidèles": Weapon of choice. Carefully maintained and set up to destroy large sections of infanty and anything else unfortunate enough to be lightly armored and in the line of fire.
    -"Lingua franca": Yann seems to know every language and set of customs he could conceivably come across, from his native French, to English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Swahili and Hebrew. Despite his short stature and sometimes foreign appearance, he has no trouble negotiating with the Triad and Tongs or the IRA.
    -Long list of bribes and favors: While serving abroad in who knows where, Arnaud has learned to pay his way and has a long list of 'friends' he can call on in a pinch.

    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Dark

    Age: 2X (Unknown)
    Place of Birth: Ivory Coast (probably)

    Personality: Arnaud insists on living the high life, even in the midst of bloody conflict- probably because he anticipates he'll die in battle and thus won't live to see his cigar habit kill his lungs. He drinks and eats in great quantities, able to consume a triple portion in short time and down a whole bottle of champagne in one sitting. He loves chocolate, especially either very dark chocolate or white chocolate, and seems to have a cigar and a light on command. He also doesn't hold a grudge against the enemies he fights, because his belief in reincarnation assures him he'll be back for another go at it. He relishes the glory of combat, and tries to brush off its obvious problems.

    Background: Left conspicuously un-described as he is not technically part of the team, Yann only has revealed that he joined the French Foreign Legion at some point and probably did so illegally. He also believes he is the reincarnation of Ned Kelly, George "Blood and Guts" Patton, and a Vietnamese soldier killed in the American-Vietnam War.

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    Got one too many applicants. Need you guys to work something out or I'll have to just take the first six of you. No more applications, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Got one too many applicants. Need you guys to work something out or I'll have to just take the first six of you. No more applications, please.
    I'm fine dropping out when Tiger completes an application, though the character will need to replace mine as the special, I think.

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